Trends and trend-setters in Durango dining.

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Secrets of a server

Don’t call her a waitress, that’s demeaning. Let Hannah Harmon, server at

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As needed in Durango: 24-hour food

Durango needs a 24-hour food place. And before you bring it up, I know we have Denny’s,...

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With sense of taste on hiatus, ordering food is complex task

Thanks to some kind of sinus ordeal last weekend, I lost my sense of smell, and, in turn, my...

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Bookcase and the Barber gets literary with its cocktails

The Bookcase and the Barber is Durango’s only speakeasy (as far as we know ...). The...

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What we’re losing when the Steaming Bean closes its doors

“People can get a cheeseburger anywhere, OK? They come to Chotchkie’s for the...

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Cheap wine: Everything you always wanted to know

Alan Cuenca is a qualified wine connoisseur and owner of Put a Cork in It, an intimate Durango...

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Get Smart about coffee roasting

OK, Fancy Pants. You like single-origin, fair trade, bird-friendly coffee from places you can...

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El Moro chef Charlie Curtis: I’ve been invited to so many parties where I didn’t realize I was the help

Restaurants: Like royalty, we leisurely peruse a menu, decide on what might be the best thing...