Fruit snacks, a case of the hangries, and a little bit of Prohibition Herb’s Sour Cherry Cookies strain

by DGO Pufnstuf

I made a mistake, you guys. I was already pretty hungry when I lit up a bowl of the Sour Cherry Cookies strain from Prohibition Herb, and after a few puffs? Well, I was a writer on a mission — a mission to figure out my dry herb vape’s complicated heat settings with about 14 bags of fruit snacks in my greedy little paws.

It all started when I decided to smoke a bowl of Sour Cherry Cookies in the late afternoon on a Tuesday.
That is a regular workday for me (just like it is for most of the freaking country), and as such, I was really. effing. busy. So busy, in fact, that I had not taken any time during the day to eat — and, as such, I was in a foul mood.

Now, I know that’s completely and totally my fault. I need to prioritize eating over doing one of the hundreds of millions of things I have on my work list, but I never do. I get in the zone with whatever I’m working on and hyperfocus. My day ends, and then I quickly realize that I’m about to go all “Hulk, smash” on things because my blood sugar is low.

And, that is precisely what happened on this day. I got super into some dumb writing assignment and tossed caffeine down my gullet instead of eating. That combo is not a great one for me, and I was struggling to shake off the stench of the day (and the hunger pains).

Only problem? I had dinner plans with some friends who were in town — and they were a couple of hours away. So, I figured a bowl of Sour Cherry Cookies would help to adjust my mood while I waited.

Now, before I go into that, let me tell you a bit about Sour Cherry Cookies. This hybrid strain is a pretty new one on the shelf at Prohibition Herb, and it’s a doozy. These nugs are huge — we’re talking fatty-fat-fats the size of my fist (OK, not really that big, but you catch my drift) — and are thick with orange hairs. In other words, they’re beautiful.

And, as you may have guessed by the name, this strain has roots in Cherry Pie and GSC (you know that cookie strain I’m talkin’ ‘bout) — two very popular strains that you have almost certainly tried before. But it doesn’t just have famed parents; it also smells unreal, like a mix of sour fruit and some sort of tang. It’s hard to describe. You just have to smell it to understand.

Given this strain’s unusual qualities, I had been excited to check it out — and with the added incentive of a possible mood improvement, I was ready to spark up a bowl. So that’s precisely what I did.

That turned out to be both a great idea and a terrible idea. So things started off pretty normally. I tossed the groundup Sour Cherry Cookies nugs into my dry herb vape and took a puff. It didn’t taste as tangy as it smelled, but it was still pleasant.

But… it was weird.

I exhaled, and the babiest amount of vapor was emitted from my mouth. No fun.
So, I grabbed some bags of fruit snacks to satiate my hunger and waited a couple of minutes, assuming that my dumb vape needed time to heat up. Then I tried again. Same thing. Weak vapor. No flavor.

Frustrated, I then got the bright idea to try and turn that sucker up a bit. Only problem is that I have no idea how to use the Pax 3 — I just ordered it to replace an older model that I gave away — so I just started tapping and pressing it to figure it out.

That…did not work the way I expected.

As I pressed away on the vape, the lights started going bananas. They were glowing and angry, presumably because they were confused at what the hell I was trying to do.

I did not learn my lesson, though. I just kept trying to improvise on the power adjustment, and screwed
things up so badly that I was unable to get ANY vapor to emit from the stupid thing.

So, I turned to the internet for help.

Long story short, it turns out that it is actually incredibly easy to adjust the temperature settings on that thing — and the reason I was getting no freaking vapor from it was because I had it on the lowest setting. As such, I did what any rational person would do. I cranked it up full blast and took a huge hit.

Wow. There it was.

Vapor. So much vapor. Vapor after every hit.

And, shortly after the bowl was cashed, the delightful effects of this strain hopped on board my body.

I went from sober and hangry to stoned and amused in no time flat. My body was buzzing with that comfortable stoned feeling, my brain was suddenly in a much better place, too. I felt the moody effects of the low blood sugar wash away, and a calm, happy feeling took hold.

But what about my stomach? Well, let’s just say I decimated those fruit snacks. From there, I also ransacked my kitchen, eating everything in sight. All of the peanut butter crackers, all of the chips, and anything else I dug up from the bottom of the snack drawers.

It didn’t stop at the food, either. My stoned brain was suddenly in need of human contact, so I proceeded to text everyone I know about what can only be described as complete and utter nonsense — we’re talking nonsense that I can’t even decode.

So, let me stop talking about weed to extend my sincerest apologies to everyone who was on the receiving end of that mess. I don’t know what caused my need to word vomit all over your texts. I guess I could blame the weed? But I won’t, because I love her.

I also continued to be overly chatty when I finally made it to dinner a couple of hours later — and I polished off a lot of sushi — so be aware that Sour Cherry Cookies has some loooooong-lasting effects.

But I’ll take it. I’ll take alllllll of it — even the insane hunger — in return for a strain that can wipe out my foul hangry moods. That’s no small feat, so this strain deserves all the praise in the world.


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