Get a beauty buzz: Cannabis-infused body products

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Weed can make you glow, but it can also make your skin glow. To be specific, topical cannabis-infused products can be good for your skin. CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory which can help combat acne. It can soothe itching and pain. Meanwhile, hempseed acts as a natural moisturizer due to its high levels of fatty acids that hydrate skin.

Here’s a few ideas on how to heighten your bathroom and beauty routine. Not all of these beauty products contain THC count (but most of them do). You’re not gonna get whammo-slammo stoned with any, but there will be a deep body relaxation from most. Products with an asterisk can be found locally at Santé, while others may have to be found online.

SkincareFuture Face skincare line*New Millennium is a cannabis wholesale company out of Mancos. Future Face is their brand-new, quality skincare line. Currently, there is an active charcoal Essential Cleanser (100 mg THC), a vitamin B3-filled Anti-Aging Toner (50 mg THC), an Essential Serum (100 mg THC), and a rosewater-enriched Essential Night Crème (100 mg THC).

IM*BUE Lifted by EM*BODY Premium CBD Facial CreamNo joke, beauty ain’t cheap. IM*BUE Lifted (100 mg CBD) is 95 bucks for two ounces. What you’re getting is a vitamin E-packed, organic skincare cream that works to restore a youthful glow. There’s a smooth finish, rather than that heavy oil feel, so it’s great for day or night use.

Lady luxuryWhoopi and Maya Medical Cannabis line*Actress Whoopi Goldberg and seven-time High Times Cannabis Cup-winner Maya Elisabeth (founder of Om Edibles), have created a luxury line focused on female trouble. Soak (25 mg THC, 25 mg CBD) is a lavender and Epsom salt soak that works to relieve body cramps. Savor is a single-serving (10 mg THC) edible of raw cacao that is tasty outta the pouch or on your favorite fruit. Rub (75 mg THC, 25 mg CBD) is an organic salve good for everything from muscle cramps to headache pain. Finally, Relax is a (100 mg THC) fast-acting tincture for menstrual pain relief with the waft of elderberries.

MoisturizingApothecanna Stimulating Body Creme*Apothecanna has a whole line of lotions. One of their most well-reviewed is the Stimulating Body Creme. This cannabis and ginger-infused moisturizer works on hydrating the body, warming, and working up bloodflow in sore areas.

Ojai Energetics CBD Coconut OilOjai’s raw, cannabis-infused coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer all over the body or creating your own edibles. A large jar contains 150 mg of THC. You can add a creamy taste to smoothies or cooking routine or just enjoy slathering yourself up before bed for a moisturized body high leading into good dreams.

PerfumeThe Minuet Collection Roll-on Body Oil*Hit up those pulse points and temples to not only smell good, but to feel better with Minuet’s collection of cannabis-infused (60 mg THC, 60 mg CBD) essential oil blends. Three scents are included. Uplift has a refreshing grapefruit and bergamot base. Balance brings together patchouli and rose geranium. Calm has the scent of soothing cedar and lavender.

Cannabis Rose Eau De ParfumThis non-THC-infused perfume has a nose of Bulgarian roses and pomegranate flowers with undernotes of cannabis and oolong tea. It is a sexy-ass scent that may not get you high but will get you hot and bothered.

BathDixie Bath Soak*Draw a bath, drop in, and let the day go away. Dixie Bath Soak (100 mg THC per bottle, 10 mg THC per serving) is a sea salt soak with hints of lavender and rosemary. It works wonders on relieving body tension and sore muscles.

Cibaderm CBD Hemp Oil Natural Body WashThis is one of those body washes that classes up your shower. CBD Hemp Oil Natural Body Wash is a hemp oil-infused body wash not tested on animals. It’s sulfate-free and fulla essential oils and antioxidants. There are no dyes or artificial scents. It’s pretty and it’ll make you feel fresh and pretty, too.


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