Giving the gift of weed? This primer will get you rolling

by DGO Web Administrator

All Right! Now that Thanksgiving has passed (since ’tis gauche – and let me never be called gauche – to discuss the holidays before the annual eating of the turkey), let us take this opportunity while there is still time and resources to discuss gifts for those we most cherish.

The crux of this biscuit, my friends, is thoughtfulness. So to begin this process, I recommend getting nice and blazed in front of a sheet of paper with the names of those for whom you will be hunting and gathering presents as we co-celebrate the winter solstice under the banners of “Christmas,” “Chanukah,” “Kwanzaa,” “Yule,” and any of the older holidays. Make the mood mellow, maybe a little music at a reasonable volume, but try not to give yourself too much in the way of distraction (put your phone away).

Next, be thoughtful. Take a few actual minutes out of your busy life and think about these people with whom you make this mortal journey. What makes them smile? What makes them comfortable? What have you come across in your travels that might push their boundaries in a good direction as we wind back around on this rock floating and spinning through space?

There are a few directions to go if the decision is made to incorporate Ye Olde Weede Shoppe in your gift-giving cornucopia:

(1) Get them exactly what they would get for themselves.

This shows that you pay attention. If your person loves a particular strain or preparation, or if you remember a time that he or she raved about “the most delicious edible ever,” get him or her some of what you know they love – it will be much appreciated.

(2) Buy what you would like to distribute.

This can be an especially fun way to distribute gifts. I remember the first time I smoked Blue Cheese – I wanted to share that feeling with everyone, so I started growing it. This is a great way to dispense some of what makes you happy to friends and family from different geographical locations. They may have different specialty strains and products in your location that will make their heads spin, in the best way.

(3) Build your skill set in the process and head down to your local establishment and buy a whole bunch of supplies.

Think in the direction of a few strains of flower, some oil, some keif, a few different types of wraps, and maybe a few of those oh-so-convenient smellproof, crushproof dealies. You will also need a grinder if you do not already have one. Treat yourself and buy one that sifts trichromes through to the bottom so you can begin making a stash for yourself as you spread holiday cheer. Then, go home and start grinding and mixing, and rolling.

You will not only make a bunch of folks high and happy with your creations, you will place yourself firmly in the center of what the holiday season is about: that connection we all feel to those things that we share in our common humanity as marked by the shortest day of the year, the day when the light returns past the equator to our hemisphere. That should be enough to get the ball rolling, DGO. Enjoy the start of the season and next week we will take a look at some things that will pair perfectly with your cannabanoid treats.

Christopher Gallagher lives with his wife and their four dogs and two horses. Life is pretty darn good. Contact him at [email protected].


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