Ho, ho, high?

by DGO Staff

Elevate the holidays this year with the perfect bud buddy

The high-larious holidays are here, and you know what that means – it’s time to light up the season with some merry marijuana magic. Whether you’re sipping eggnog by the fireplace, decorating the tree, or going all-in on a festive feast, we’ve got your ultimate guide to pairing cannabis strains with all your holiday activities. From relaxation to creativity and socializing, let’s elevate your holidays with strains that will have you saying, “Ho, ho, high!”

Holiday movie marathon: Northern Lights
Snuggling up for a holiday movie marathon calls for relaxation and a dash of nostalgia. Northern Lights, a classic indica strain, is perfect for unwinding and enjoying those heartwarming flicks. It’ll have you sinking deep into the couch and immersing yourself in the magic of the movies.

Ugly sweater party: Sour Diesel
If you’re rocking an ugly sweater that deserves a spotlight, you’ll need the energy to party on. Sour Diesel, a sativa-dominant strain, is your fashionably late guest to the soirée. It will keep you uplifted, social, and ready to compete for the title of “Ugliest Sweater.”

Outdoor winter adventure: Jack Herer
For those who prefer to embrace the winter wonderland outside, Jack Herer
is your chilly weather buddy. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a cerebral boost, making it ideal for snowshoeing, ice skating, or just admiring the frosty scenery. Just remember to bundle up!

Hanukkah celebrations: Kosher Kush
During the eight nights of Hanukkah, you might want a strain to complement your candle lighting and dreidel-spinning traditions. Kosher Kush, an indica strain, will help you feel relaxed and contemplative, perfect for celebrating this special holiday.

Kwanzaa festivities: African Queen
As you honor the African roots of Kwanzaa, consider pairing it with the African Queen strain. This hybrid will elevate your creativity and socializing as you gather with family and friends to celebrate unity and culture.

Christmas morning: Strawberry Cough
On Christmas morning, you’ll want to savor every moment, from unwrapping gifts to sharing breakfast with loved ones. Strawberry Cough, a sativa-dominant strain, will keep you clear-headed and inspired, enhancing your appreciation of the holiday magic.

Post-holiday recovery: Harlequin
After all the holiday hustle and bustle, your body might be craving some relaxation and relief. Harlequin, a high-CBD strain, is perfect for unwinding without the heavy euphoria. It’s a great choice for recovery and reflection as you wind down from the holiday madness.

Trimming the tree: Blue Dream
When you’re untangling those twinkling lights and hanging ornaments like
a boss, you need focus, creativity, and a dash of holiday spirit. Blue Dream is your go-to strain for this task. This sativa-dominant hybrid will keep your energy high while sparking your imagination. Just be careful not to confuse the tinsel with a giant joint.

Cozy fireside chat: OG Kush
After a chilly winter’s day, there’s nothing better than sitting by the fire, sharing stories and laughter. OG Kush is your ideal companion. This indica-dominant classic will help you relax and mellow out, making you feel warm and cozy. It’s perfect for deep conversations or, let’s face it, uncontrollable fits of giggles.

Baking extravaganza: Girl Scout Cookies
There’s no better time to whip up some delectable holiday treats than now. Girl Scout Cookies, an indica-leaning hybrid, is perfect for indulging your sweet tooth while keeping your creative juices flowing. Bake a batch of infused gingerbread cookies and watch your friends devour them with delight.

Office holiday party: Green Crack
Whether you’re attending an office shindig or a virtual Zoom party, you’ll want to stay alert, social, and ready to bust out your best dance moves. Green Crack is the way to go. This invigorating sativa will give you the energy to chat, mingle, and boogie the night away. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until someone challenges the boss to a dance-off.

Family game night: Granddaddy Purple
Nothing brings the family together like board games and good-natured competition. Granddaddy Purple, a potent indica, will keep you relaxed and in good spirits as you navigate the boardwalk of Monopoly or try to guess “whodunit” in Clue. Plus, it’s a great strain to help you sleep off the inevitable post-game night feast food coma.

New Year’s Eve count-down: Champagne Kush
OK, so it’s a wee bit early to start thinking about the new year, but we want you to be prepared. And that means you ring in the New Year with a little extra sparkle! Champagne Kush is your companion for the grand countdown. This hybrid strain is perfect for socializing, sparking creativity, and keeping the party going until the wee hours of the morning. It’s like a bubbly glass of inspiration!

Gift wrapping marathon: Pineapple Express
Tackling the present-wrapping pile is a true test of patience. Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant hybrid, will help you breeze through this task with enthusiasm and a dash of tropical vibes. Plus, it’ll make those quirky-shaped gifts seem like a piece of cake.

Remember, each strain has its unique effects, so choose the one that suits your holiday activities and mood the best. Whether you’re looking to relax, get creative, or socialize, there’s a cannabis strain to make your holidays even more magical and memorable. Enjoy responsibly, and here’s to a holly, jolly, and high-spirited season!


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