Hurry! It’s your last chance to snag some discounted, badass goodies during the Cannabis Crawl!

by Angelica Leicht

Well, here we are, friends. We’ve made it through the first couple of weeks of the Cannabis Crawl. Have you guys snagged some badass deals yet?

Hopefully you have. This is, after all, a pretty unique setup for Cannabis Crawl, so you may want to take full advantage of it. In years past, we’ve only had one day of Crawl deals. This year, though, you’re getting three full weeks of steals, deals, and super cheap cannabis at all your favorite dispensaries. You’ve already had two of them, but there’s still a full week (and a few days, give or take) left of edibles to snag, eighths to stock up on, and plenty of other weed products to secure at a discount.

The event officially started on October 8 and it will end on October 31. That’s plenty of time to make it to the dispensaries on the map!

If you haven’t started your crawl yet, here’s the gist: you can find a map in this issue or you can pick one up in a swag bag that’s available at The Green House in Durango. The map will be your guide. It includes information on the deals, giveaways, Q&A sessions, and other cannabis-related events happening for the rest of the crawl.

Once you have your map in hand, you’ll visit the dispensaries and businesses on the map to get your map stamped (or stickered, to be specific). You’ll snag some killer deals while you’re there. And then you’ll move on to the next place, where you’ll do the same.

As we mentioned in our last issue, we’ve upped the ante this year and added businesses in Pagosa Springs, Mancos, and Cortez. These aren’t required spots to visit, but if you do make a stop at these dispensaries, be sure to get your map stickered. Want to know why? Cause you’ll get an extra entry to win the prize for each dispensary outside of Durango that you visit, that’s why. Considering that you have three freakin’ weeks to get this done, you should have plenty of extra entries on your map.

Once your map is filled out, all you have to do is drop it back in at Kinfolk Farms to be entered in the drawing for the $500 cash (err…check) prize. That’s $500 you didn’t have before and a bunch of discounted weed. 2020 may suck, but October is clearly the month that keeps on giving.

Oh, and pro tip: While you’re at Kinfolk Farms, you might want to take time to check out their live grow and grab your coupon book with Munchie Deals. That will give you discounts on all sorts of delicious food (that you’ll need in order to satiate the grumbling belly post-smoke session). The coupon book contains deals at Ernie’s Bar, The Box, Backcountry Gourmet, Durango Popcorn Depot, and On A Roll Ice Cream, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

After we have gathered all the entries, we’ll do a $500 prize drawing to crown one of you the lucky Cannabis Crawl 2020 winner. That drawing will take place on November 2, and we will announce the winner via Live Stream on the DGO Facebook / Instagram at Prohibition Herb.

So, you tryna win $500 to offset some of those upcoming holiday costs? Get to it! The Cannabis Crawl has already been going on for a couple of weeks — don’t miss your last opportunity to snag some sweet deals and win some cold, hard cash. That weed you purchase (while getting your map marked off) could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Enough chit chat. Go out there, be safe, have fun, and don’t forget to get your dang maps marked off!

Angelica LeichtEditor, DGO Mag


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