The perfect Halloween strains to help smoke away that terrible costume

by Amanda Push

It’s no secret that there are three things that we here at DGO love: weed, beer, and Halloween. October is our November AND our December. Hauntings and monsters and witches? It’s what we look forward to all year round.

So, we took a page from, “The Sound of Music,” and decided to combine a few of our favorite things. After all, if you’re not stoned during Halloween, were you really there?

Ghost OGStrain: Hybrid

Scary movie pairing: “The Others”

Ghost OG might just be the perfect Halloween strain name. It stems from its parent OG Kush and is a potent hybrid strain for when you’re wanting to feel a little less attached to your body. This award-winning strain smells like citrus and is covered in these magical little crystals. This strain has euphoric properties that will make you feel so relaxed you’ll think twice before wanting to come back down to earth.

Dark DevilStrain: Hybrid

Scary movie pairing: “Hereditary”

One look at Dark Devil and you’ll figure out real quick where this strain name came from. Dark Devil buds are sticky and covered with resin-covered flowers that are so dark you could even say they’re black. This mad scientist strain was created via Big Devil and a purple strain which allowed for the dark colors that make this strain unique. Even more strange? Big Devil has a flavor similar to passionfruit. Who knew the devil could be so sweet.

FrankensteinStrain: Indica

Scary movie pairing: “Alien”

Frankenstein is a strain with a background as mysterious as its namesake. We’re not entirely sure about this strain’s genetic history, but it sure is a fun one nonetheless. Unlike the literary character of “Frankenstein” (we assume), Frankenstein bud smells like a garden — with a floral smell and notes of lavender. If you’re gonna smoke this strain, plan for an evening of relaxation (which we know isn’t very Halloween-y of us but they can’t all be thrills and chills!).

Zombie OGStrain: Indica

Scary movie pairing: “28 Days Later”

Halloween isn’t Halloween without its most important ingredient: zombies. And nothing is going to make you feel like the undead more than Zombie OG (in a good way, of course). Warning to our cannabis newbies out there: Zombie OG doesn’t mess around. This heavy strain takes no prisoners and will leave you feeling zonked out – just like a zombie! Don’t worry, though. Zombie OG will make you feel like a zombie but doesn’t smell like it. Like Frankenstein, Zombie OG smells like lavender with hints of pine. However, if you know Zombie OG descends from OG Kush and Blackberry strains, the aroma shouldn’t surprise you too much.

Jack SkellingtonStrain: Sativa

Scary movie pairing: “Nightmare Before Christmas” (duh)

Long live the Pumpkin King! We’re so glad good ol’ Jack decided to stick with Halloween instead of Christmas so we could have this strain. This potent strain is a cross between Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. Not to fear though – Jack Skellington doesn’t smell like Oogie Boogie’s insides – more citrusy and diesel-like. On the flip side, just like Jack Skellington, this flower will leave you feeling euphoric and render even the most introverted of stoners into social butterflies.

Green GoblinStrain: Sativa

Scary movie pairing: “The Gate”

This strain is not for newbies. As a phenotype of Green Crack, Green Goblin is no joke. This strain is a cross between Northern Light and Skunk #1 and will leave you rearing to get spooky this Halloween. If you’re lucky, you might even find a version of Green Goblin with a diesel strain. Like we imagine a real-life goblin smelling like, this strain will make a skunk lose its appetite. If you want to be the life of your Halloween party, be sure to take a few puffs of Green Goblin.

Amanda Push


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