HYDRATE, people! Grooming tips from your local barbers

by DGO Web Administrator

While you wait for your appointment at The Bookcase and Barber, ReyLynn’s, or 6th Street Salon, here are a few haircut and grooming tips from our barbers:

I think what we see in Durango is with our dry climate, people need a really good hydrating shampoo. As long as you’re hydrating your scalp, you can make your hair do almost anything you want it to do.

I’m a less is better guy. We get guys that come in with half a bottle of gel in their hair. It kills the pores.

— Ben Martinez

The biggest part of the haircut is the collaboration between you and the client. Most of the time when there is a bad haircut it is a misunderstanding of what a person wants rather than the skill set of the barber

Know the lengths of what you want and bring pictures. If I can see what you want, it’s harder to mess it up. But know that people have different hair types and that you may bring in a picture that’s not your hair type and I may have to steer you into a different direction.

— Pedro Vigil

Men in this town shampoo way too much. It’s a very arid climate. Your natural oils are important. You don’t need to be greasy nasty but letting some of that oil get into your hair is good for it. I recommend upping your conditioning here. Condition when you shower, shampoo when you stink

[Also,] learning how to buy clothes online is important. For men working on their style, I tell them to learn about shopping online. In town, Old Colorado Vintage is a fantastic place to go. Sideshow. Hit them up if you want to try stuff on. But learn how to lay out your best garment, measure it the proper ways, and eBay – I buy most of my stuff on eBay. You can get really awesome, high-end stuff for a third of the price. And, see your barber every three weeks.

— Brendan Vlass


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