Marijuana strain review: Green Poison

by Meggie J

What is it?Green Poison is a indica-dominant hybrid testing at 22.9 percent THC. Its lineage is a proprietary secret created by Sweet Seeds. Good for relaxation, insomnia, and anxiety.

The effectsDon’t be fooled by the sweet, light aroma, this is some heady indica. A few hits give a light, relaxed, euphoric feeling, relaxing the body as well as the mind. A few more hits and the fog rolls in. Sip lightly on this concoction unless you are prepared for a bit of a nap.

The smellLight and fresh and pungent, Green Poison smells of sweetness with a little tang, late summer nights, and deep, dank dreams. Sharp high skunk notes, mixed with a round floral finish create this poisonous scent.

The look Green Poison has tapered, long, tight, light green buds, covered in a vast array of crystals and trichromes wrapped in a fine light sweater of tangerine, orange hairs.

The tasteOh so sweet, fresh, and very light. Green Poison is refreshing, not unlike a crisp white wine on a hot summer day. There is a slightly nostalgic tart taste that complements this sweetness, like a 10-cent pack of pastel smarties. Its taste is a paradox to its effects; this is some heavy weed with a light taste.

The final verdictWonderful and refreshingly light taste and aroma with a fantastic relaxation phenomenon. This has a smooth taste, it’s easy, and therefore a bit dangerous, as you can smoke a lot before you realize just how high you are. Take it easy; it only takes a few puffs to get you into your couch, and a few more, you might be there for hours.

Meggie J


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