Musical marijuana: Strain names inspired by the sweet sound of rock

by Angelica Leicht

Music and marijuana are like two birds of a feather. They don’t just flock together; they’re the birdie yin to the other’s yang. After all, what is a concert without a fat sack? And what good is passing the dutchie to the left-hand side without a sweet, sweet soundtrack to pass it to?

Given that both weed and music are better with the other in tow, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of strains are named with a famous musician or song in mind. There are strains like Berry White and Deadhead OG, just to name a few.

But, of course, we have opinions, and we like some of those musical marijuana namesakes more than others. (Nobody needs a Juicy J strain, and yet…) From a Nirvana namesake to a Fat Axl reference, these seven rock-related strains are our favorite.

Just Like HeavenWere you the kid who greased, teased, and sprayed your pitch-black hair to high heaven, and took a liberal stance on the use of kohl eyeliner? Hell yes. Join our club. And join in on smoking some of the Cure-inspired strain called Just Like Heaven, which is clearly a nod to Robert Smith’s dreamy, emo-kid song of the same name. Effects may lead to a penchant for wishing you could be us (or vice versa) and loving Fridays but feeling slightly blue on Mondays. You may also find yourself digging into your stash of ’80s goth lipstick post-smoke. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Fat AxlThis is a hybrid strain that is perfectly balanced between the indica and sativa sides, giving us a 50/50 ratio not often found in hybrids. And, uh, we all know what this strain name alludes to. It refers to Fat Axl Rose. Listen. This is funny because Axl Rose is not a nice person. Yes, we all loved early-era GNR, mostly because of Slash, but Axl of late deserves this chunky, sticky budded namesake. The effects of this strain are known to give one an urge to smash mics into the faces of unsuspecting Aussie fans or make your friends wait while you satiate the overwhelming need for chili cheese dogs. Should such things surface, buy a sweet black top hat and a badass guitar, and then start side-eying yourself to get shit back in check.

Qrazy TrainAre you going off the rails? Perhaps on a vehicle known as a crazy train? You may have smoked some of the hybrid strain known as Qrazy Train, which is a clear nod to good ol’ Ozzy Osborne after he went rogue (as in, he went solo). The effects of this strain may lead to you screaming “AY! AY! AY! AY! AY! AY!” or “SHARON!” repeatedly while dodging tiny chihuahuas and greeting Elton John with shiny baubles when he comes to visit.

Teen SpiritAh, good ol’ Nirvana. The band that brought us Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl, for whom we will be forever thankful, and Courtney Love, whom we will forever loathe. But Nirvana didn’t just bring us a handful of famous songs and musicians. The band ALSO inspired the name of a hybrid strain called Teen Spirit, which is the perfect choice for your moody inner teenager. The effects are known to inspire sub par songwriting and disillusionment, and may lead to a terrible choice of romantic partners. If such effects surface, you might want to shut off that nonstop loop of “Polly” (that song sucks; fight us) and drop the strain for something a little less gloomy. Or just write some angsty poetry and move on. Either or. (We kid. Sort of.)

Jack WhiteThere is no proof that Jack White, the musician, inspired the naming of Jack White, the sativa-hybrid weed strain, but there is no proof AGAINST it, either. And it makes us giggle to think that Jack White and his dopey ass music may have inspired such a great strain of weed. The effects of Jack White may lead to you marrying, and starting a band, with someone named Meg, who is way more badass than you in every possible way. You also may find that you’re suddenly taking yourself VERY seriously. If this happens, discontinue use and throw away any obnoxious hats you may have purchased while under the influence.

Purple PanteraAre you uncontrollably head-banging? Do you suddenly have a wardrobe that only includes slight variations of the color black, and do all of your wallets have chains on them? You may have stumbled upon some Purple Pantera weed, an indica-dominant strain that is known for making the inner metalhead in you more prominent. The effects of this strain may include a newfound love for cowboys (from hell), air-drumming at breakneck speeds, and building a shrine to Dimebag Darrell (RIP, friend). Should this happen, just accept that you are now a badass and buy some Megadeth albums. Could be worse.

Deep PurpleHave you started feeling like you MAY have, like, pioneered an entire genre of music? Say, the genre known as hard rock? Just that little ol’ genre? Yeah, you may have stumbled upon some of the Deep Purple weed strain, an indica with a name that’s a nod to the band Deep Purple, a member of holy rock trinity alongside Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The effects of this strain are known to make one speak VERY LOUDLY and with a slight British accent. Deep Purple was cool, so, uh, don’t fight the feeling. Just call up your old friend Eric Clapton, who you opened for back in 1968, and light up another bowl. Good times.

— Angelica Leicht


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