Pokémon Go continues reign of chaos: Players disrupt Loveland wedding

by Amanda Push

Years after Pokémon Go was released, the wildly popular app is still causing chaos and we’re here for it.

On October 12, players met at a Loveland, Colo. park for the October Pokémon Go Community Day – an event where fans gather to catch em’ all, or at least rare Pokémon. According to Denver Post, unfortunately, this also happened to be the same day a soon-to-be-wed couple was exchanging vows at the very same park where a prominent Pokémon catching-location happened to be located. The wedding party had reserved a shelter at the park and the Pokémon Go event created a parking shortage between the two groups.

The whole scenario led to city officials releasing this statement on social media:

“If you are playing Pokémon Go in Loveland area parks, please observe and respect all park and shelter reservations. Reservations take precedence.”

As well as this gem:

“People were walking amidst the area reserved for the wedding and not looking up from their phones (one of our employees saw someone literally run into the wall of the bathroom because they were distracted and not watching where they were going).”

Eventually, spiraled into Pokémon Go being very upset that they could simply not wander wherever they wanted.

“I didn’t stay long enough to see the wedding, but there were no signs indicating where you were allowed to walk or park. I wandered into an area still being roped off and some woman snapped at me. Maybe those signs went up later after I left, but you can hardly blame others in the park for not being psychic,” wrote one commenter.

“We left when the community day event ended and there were no wedding guest and no wedding happening the whole time we were there. We saw only a small group setting up. So not sure how we interrupted or were disrespectful to people who weren’t there. We had a wonderful day met very kind friendly people and my kid was able to even complete a homework assignment to collect 10 different types of fallen leaves. Very disappointing to see this garbage accusation on my feed,” wrote another commenter.

All this very nerdy situation comes down to is this: Pokémon Go is a very fun game. It’s a fun app that brings people together and encourages people to go out, have fun, and get some exercise. HOWEVER. Pokémon Go players don’t exactly have a history of not causing chaos. When out playing games like this in public spaces, it’s important to be mindful and respectful of others. Perhaps next time anyone is out and about and sees a wedding taking place – whether the couple is in the middle of their big kiss or the wedding party is trying to set up – it would be a good idea to turn around and find Pokémon elsewhere.

Amanda Push


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