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Searching for a socially-distanced breakfast at the Durango Farmers Market

If you’re looking for more places to get ready-to-eat food and you’re willing to leave your house before noon on a Saturday, the Durango Farmers Market has returned.

Obviously, it’s more well known as the place where you go to get local meat and produce, but there are also several vendors who sell baked goods,...

Food & Drink

Strain review: Pipe Dream from The Green House Durango

Have you ever gotten so high that you lose touch with reality? Like, you conjure up an entire fake conversation in your mind and then inexplicably answer your own nonsensical questions? Yeah, me too — and it was all thanks to Pipe Dream, a strain from The Green House in Durango.

It’s odd, though, that this strain was...


Strain review: Bubble Gum Skunk

As I’ve refined my taste for weed, I’ve come to realize I prefer sativas much more than indicas. Indicas tend to make me paranoid and couch-locked to the point where I think if I move gravity will completely take over and stomp me into the ground. However, my preconceived notions were recently challenged, and it’s all thanks...


Does Bigfoot stalk the Four Corners?

It was the early 1990s when Brenda Harris had her first face-to-face encounter with the unknown.

On a hot summer night, Harris had the windows open in her mobile home in Upper Fruitland, on the west side of Farmington, where the metropolitan area spills onto the Navajo Nation. Her husband had left home about 30 minutes...


The Ardent Nova decarboxylator is a cannabis product you never knew you needed

The first time I tried to decarboxylate some cannabis flower and infuse oil I almost burned down my house. I’m not exaggerating, either — I really did. I’d read online that you can infuse oil on the stove using very low heat, so I loaded a pan with coconut oil, cannabis, and a few drops of water.

Needless to say, the...


Strain Review: Ice Cream Cake from The Green House Durango

Indicas tend to go two ways for me. Either I’m a paranoid mess who can’t move and is convinced everyone knows I’m high, or I’m a sleepy mess who can’t move and knows everyone else knows I’m high but doesn’t care. I much prefer the latter and was thankful to come across a strain this week that didn’t lead me down the Boulevard...


Steak, the Strater, and self-dating: Living it up in quarantine

Unlike many Coloradans, I tend to hibernate through the winter. During those short days and long, cold nights, I sit indoors, planning out the rest of the year. And spring 2020 was going to rock. There were food and beer festivals to go to, live music to enjoy, and even movies to look forward to seeing at the...

Food & Drink

Strain review: Longs Peak Blue from Green House Durango

You know those strains that you don’t expect to kick you in your teeth? The kind that immediately transport you from a productive, semi-useful member of society to a happy but useless blob of slime? Yeah, welcome to my experience with Longs Peak Blue, the strain we’re reviewing for The Green House Durango this week.



Strain review: Wedding Cake from Prohibition Herb

I’m not going to lie to you guys. It’s been a struggle to find ways to sit still during this weird time we’re in. I know it’s important for everyone’s safety, but holy balls am I bored being stuck inside. The only thing that’s been keeping me semi-sane is weed. Sweet, sweet weed.

One of the strains that has helped...


Edibles review: Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles

If you’re a seasoned marijuana user, it can be a challenge to hit that sweet spot — you know, that solid melt-into-your-couch kind of high — without consuming, say, 98,438,573,845 mg of weed.

Recently, I had a few house guests over that also have that exact problem. They’re daily users of the green and at this point in...


Strain review: Strawberry Cough from The Green House Durango

It seems appropriate — or even strangely silly — that we’re reviewing a strain called Strawberry Cough in the midst of a pandemic that causes people to cough like a bunch of choking stoners, yet here we are. This is real life, folks. Buckle up, I guess.

Anyway, we are indeed reviewing a strain called Strawberry Cough...


Wake and bake your way through these Southwest Colorado bud and breakfasts

One of the best parts of taking a trip somewhere is the chance to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of routine. As good citizens of the green state of Colorado, I think, or at least HOPE, we can all agree that one of the best ways to relax is by smoking doobies. That’s right – we’re taking a hard...


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