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Strain review: Champagne Kush from the Green House Durango

Hi there, fellow insomniacs. Do you suffer from sleep-related issues? Do you find yourself waking up time and time again with your brain spinning at a hundred miles an hour? Yeah, me too, and it effing blows.

But it doesn’t have to! It can blow much less with this handy little trick I’m about to tell you about. (But...


Strain review: Blue Dream from The Green House Durango

“You need to calm down.”

If you hear that phrase often — and NOT because you’re friends with someone who won’t stop singing Taylor Swift songs (if you do have friends like that, well, RIP to your sanity) — then you’re probably in need of some Blue Dream, a strain we’re reviewing this week for the Green House...


Strain review: Dankey Kong from The Green House Durango

Have you ever felt super human, like you could use your mind to toss giant wooden barrels at annoying 8-bit humans who are trying to steal the princess back that you rightfully stole? If your answer is no, then you obviously have not smoked any Dankey Kong, the indica hybrid strain we’re reviewing this week for The Green...


Strain review: Axilla from The Green House Durango

The other night I went on a prolonged rant about how credit scores are ridiculous and intriguing and frustrating and I am still a little embarrassed about it. I’m going to blame it on the Axilla I smoked, courtesy of The Green House in Durango.

I won’t replay the nerded out personal finance rant for you in this review,...


Mi Ranchito offers something different amid Durango’s Mexican food scene

With over a dozen restaurants or so within city limits, Durango isn’t exactly hurting for Mexican cuisine. Then again, the more the merrier. Almost all of them have a different take on the fare of our neighbors to the south, weaving different flavors into the tapestry that makes up our food scene.

Mi Ranchito Family...

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Strain review: Ghost Jack from The Green House

My notes from my little foray with Ghost Jack, the strain we are reviewing this week for The Green House in Durango, are primarily just my deep, important thoughts on peanut butter cookie dough. (Read: it sucks.)

How did I end up writing on peanut cookie dough? Well, it was simple. I picked up a gram of Ghost Jack from...


Strain review: Jungle Cake from The Green House Durango

“Why does it reek of skunk in here?”

That’s a question I was asked VERY impolitely by family over the holidays, and I knew immediately what they were referring to when it was asked. It reeked like a skunk in my kitchen because of Jungle Cake, an indica-leaning strain of weed that I was photographing for this review....


Strain review: Cheese Train Haze from The Green House Durango

This past weekend I mistook the sink faucet for my cat, and Cheese Train Haze, a freaking SATIVA, was to blame. There I was, smoking a bowl and chilling in front of some trash TV when I looked over and thought my cat was being a jerk on the counter. I tried to shoo her off from afar by yelling, but she did not move, and...


Is Utah’s Uinta Basin connected to other worlds?

Ryan Skinner was headed down I-70 near the Utah-Colorado border in 2006 when something weird happened.

Skinner and his soon-to-be wife, Iryna, were making a long haul from Wisconsin to Las Vegas, and Iryna had taken the wheel, giving Skinner the chance to relax. There were no other vehicles on the road, but when they...


Strain review: Lemon Train Pho Wax from The Green House

The inside of the box that holds Craft’s Lemon Train Pho Wax has a tab that says “Happy dabbing!” and it’s so freaking fitting. If you dab this wax, which we’re reviewing for The Green House this week, you don’t have a choice but to be happy, cause it’s freaking rad.

I’ve reviewed Lemon Train flower before and loved it,...


Strain review: Mother Goddess

Sometimes I can’t decide whether or not I like CBD heavy strains.

On one hand, I love CBD. I find that when mixed with a low enough dose of THC, CBD does a lot to relax me and calm any anxiety I have. On the other hand, when I smoke something with a heavier dose of THC accompanied by an even still higher amount of CBD,...


Kennebec Café and Bakery, a little gem on the way to Mancos

On your way to Mancos, La Plata Canyon, or the Hesperus ski area, you may notice the Kennebec Café and Bakery. In place of the solitary buildings that once housed Chip’s Place (diner and motel) now stands a local favorite for casual-but-fine dining, away from busy Main Street. I decided to go have brunch with a couple others...

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