Show us your crappy quarantine haircuts

by Angelica Leicht

Did you lose your mind while stuck inside on quarantine, driven mad by the long wisps of man-bangs or natural roots sprouting from your head? Did you take those matters into your own scissored hands and cut your hair like a very drunk Edward Scissorhands? Uhhh, hell yes. Please let us see.

And by that we mean please let us see by emailing us your photos for DGO’s crappy quarantine haircut contest. In return, we’ll splash your DIY haircuts across the internet and let people vote on whose is worst. If you win, we’ll hook you up with a phat gift card to a local salon to get that shizz fixed (and then fixed again if necessary; we ain’t cheaping out on ya). Your shame can be … well, your gain. And our gain, cause we’re very amused with bad haircuts, provided they ain’t on our heads.

Or, you can just sit there with that Dumb and Dumber mop on your skull and pay for your own haircuts. It’s your choice. <insert apathetic shrug here>

Wanna join in on this mess? Awesome. Send us your pictures so we, and the rest of the world, can laugh at you to [email protected] and we’ll stick ’em on our social media and our website so everyone can see just what you have done, you wily, slightly insane kitchen-scissored artist.

Then, after we are a little sour via social media, we’ll be sweet — just like those Sour Patch rascals — and one of you will be given a gift certificate to correct the wrong you have done to your hair.

We will be accepting your pictures from June 4th through June 25th. Again, all you have to do is email [email protected] with your photo and contact information so your mistakes can be forever imprinted on the bowels of the internet.

The sooner you get them in the better, cause the longer they sit on our Instagram and website, the more time people have to vote on and laugh at them. The winner will be announced in our July 9 publication.

So, if your kitchen scissors botched your strands, do yourself a favor and join in on this internet contest magic. We can’t promise you’ll win, but we CAN promise you’ll amuse us with your silly haircuts — and that we’ll love you forever for it. So come on. Send them over. Let the laughter begin.

Angelica Leicht


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