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by DGO Web Administrator

What is it?District Edibles brings something to Colorado’s gummy scene you may not expect: consistency, quality & flavor. All edibles are scratch-made with fully activated Organa Labs Certified CO2 oil. These gummies come in indica (flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, and Orange), sativa (flavors: Cherry Cola, Strawberry, and Tropical Punch), and hybrid (flavors: Peach, Sour Apple, and Watermelon). Each package comes with eight 10 mg pieces.

The effectsIf you’ve ever gotten the feeling that no two baked edibles are alike, even within the same package, you’ll love District Edibles. The gummies are made in small batches from scratch with consistent testing to ensure reliable 10 mg dosing. What do these premium ingredients and consistent approach to production mean to your edible experience? A long, strong, and consistent high. For this review, I tried the Peach hybrid and the Blue Raspberry indica gummies. The hybrid had a great balance of a head high from the sativa, with a slightly stronger body high from the indica, making for a pleasant, relaxing high with a soothing buzz in my stomach and flowing conversation. The Blue Raspberry indica gave a consistent, relaxing body high, one of the longest I’ve experienced.

The look The first thing you’ll notice with District Edibles is the distinct black, rectangular plastic box, which, to open, you break the safety seal, pinch the latches on the side, and slide the top off. It’s a process that is easy for adults, and difficult for everyone else. Inside you’ll find each gummy individually wrapped, a godsend for every time your edibles have melted or stuck together into one big clump.

The smellThe smell was true to form. The Peach hybrid smelled like a combination of peach candy and an actual bowl of sliced peaches.

The tasteWith only 1 gram of sugar per sugar per gummy, District Edibles are not overly sweet or artificial-tasting. They’re even a good option for diabetics! The texture is a smooth, consistent, firm jelly, a treat to suck on or pleasant to chew.

The final verdictFrom the packaging to the effects, you can see and feel the quality that goes into District Edibles. Other edibles I’ve tried have lasted longer than others, some have stronger effects, and yet others give you a consistent, reliable high. Some edibles taste better than others, while others come in smart, sensible packaging. I was surprised to finally find all of these characteristics in District Edibles Gummies.


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