Sponsored Review: The Bakked Botanical pure CO2 oil cartridge

by DGO Web Administrator

What is it?An amazing flavor-filled vaping experience, the new Bakked cartridges from Organa Brands are formulated with naturally-sourced botanical terpenes and come in 500 mg cartridges in the following flavors:

Pineapple OG (Sativa)

Grapefruit Haze (Sativa)

Blueberry (Indica)

Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)

The effectsBakked Botanical cartridges are concentrated cannabis oil. THC content runs around 52-58 percent depending on strain and batch. (Percentage is clearly marked on each container.) For reference, an average strain of flower from your local dispensary can be in the neighborhood of 25-30 percent THC, meaning this is twice as strong as that dank bud.

The look The oil comes in a cartridge similar to the original O.penVAPE cartridge. The black contoured mouthpiece lets you know you’re in for something special. The Bakked cartridge screws onto any 510 thread battery. It works best with an original O.penVAPE, but you can use the O.penVAPE 2.0 (just be sure not to have it on one of the lower settings).

The smellLike all vapor, Bakked vapor dissipates almost immediately. Its sweet aroma hits the air in a puff and filters itself into the oxygen, allowing you to puff with more discretion. The sweetness of the added botanicals is evident as soon as you open the packaging and its fresh, ripe fruity smells envelope your senses.

The tasteWow. If you’re all about flavor when you smoke, get ready to appreciate the fine art and science of terpenes. To enhance the flavors that naturally occur in certain strains, Organa Brands, the folks that give you all O.penVAPE and Bakked products, introduce naturally-sourced botanical terpenes to their refined oil to intensify its flavor profile resulting in some sweet, fun, flavors.

The final verdictThe addition of botanical terpenes enhances the flavor of the refined cannabis oil beyond even the most terpene-rich cannabis oil. My favorite had to be the Pineapple OG. It was a light, refreshing flavor and uplifting, wonderful high, excellent for socializing and creativity. Grapefruit Haze was also quite tasty. Its THC percentage was a little higher than the pineapple, producing more of a robust, full-body high – great for being outdoors and on the go. My favorite indica was Blueberry. As the name suggests, it’s a berry fruity experience, relaxing, but coherent. Grand Daddy Purps had me ready for the pillow; I would highly recommend for sleepy time. If you’re a purist, this isn’t for you, but if you’re a flavor junkie, this is your jam!


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