Strain review: Black Afghani

by DGO Pufnstuf

Lazy afternoons are great – especially lazy Sunday afternoons. You know the kind. You lay around binge-watching all the shows you’ve DVR’d for the last month but haven’t had the time to watch, and if you’re smart you do so in your sweats, with a bunch of snacks spread across the couch so you don’t have to get up and replenish your supply. And you know what makes those lazy days even greater? A little bit of Black Afghani bud, the strain we’re reviewing this week from our friends at Prohibition Herb.

I picked up our Black Afghani sample from the dispensary in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, and to be honest, I was in a little bit of pain, you guys. The aftermath of Saturday’s Pride festivities had mixed with the repercussions of Friday night’s pre-Pride festivities, and everything hurt, all the way down to my soul. It felt like the perfect day to lay around anyway, and this weed only made it better.

This is the first time Prohibition has carried Black Afghani – it rolls out on their shelves the day this magazine rolls out – and I’m unnecessarily excited about it. I really like Black Afghani because it’s such an interesting strain, from the way it looks to the way it reacts with yo’ body. It’s an indica-leaning hybrid, which is created by crossing Black Domina x Afghani, and this particular weed clocks in at 19.5 percent THC, so a manageable, but not pinche, amount.

The buds are such a deep green that they are almost black (hence the clever name), and the smell… well, I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s certainly not like most other strains. There’s something kinda herbal in there, and something kinda weird and funky, which is layered over the distinct smell of pepper. Yes, cracked pepper. I don’t know. Just pick some up and smell it. It’s definitely unique. Maybe you can help me out on this one.

And, you guys, the rest of this bud was just as unique. On the first inhale, this strain tasted peppery through and through. The smoke was peppery, the smell was peppery… it’s a good thing I like pepper. When I exhaled, though, things got even more interesting. The smoke went from strikingly spicy to kind of sweet, which makes no sense to me AT ALL.

But, as striking as the smell and look of this bud were, the effects weren’t a bat-to-the-head, which I appreciated. The high, which was a total head and body trip, came on at a snail’s pace, easing me into a happy, relaxed coma while erasing all of the weekend’s regrets, kind of like a warm weed bath. My brain was hazy, my living room was hazy, and I had no desire to do anything but sit there and feel every ounce of Black Afghani’s effects. I wasn’t sleepy or couch-locked; I just straight didn’t give a shit to get up for anything other than the cupcakes calling to me from my counter. The munchies are REAL with this one, and so is the blazed face. I was nothing if not stoned.

So, yeah. While I might not know how to categorize the smell or the taste, I can categorize the strain by saying I think it’s baller as fuck. It may even become my new go-to. Sorry, GG#4. You done been replaced.

DGO Pufnstuf


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