Strain review: Blumese from Durango Cannabis Company

by DGO Pufnstuf

We get very, very high every time we review a strain grown by Durango Cannabis Company. It’s not on purpose, but something about those fools and the way they grow has us knocked to our knees as soon as we touch the bud. This week’s strain, Blumese, which was grown by DCC, was no exception.

If you aren’t familiar with Blumese, here’s the deal, straight from the DCC horse’s mouth.

“Blumese was originally developed for greenhouse grows with the aim of growing high yielding plants with amazing terpene profiles at the same time. … This strain combines the legendary Blue Dream, and all of its fruity profiles, with the unique rubber profile of Burmese Kush. With cup-winning heritage like the Super Silver Haze, Blueberry, Burmese Landrace, OG Kush, and San Fernando Valley OG, this cultivar really brings some heavy body stone with a light buzz of a sativa high from that Haze. The smoke on this Kush is unreal, providing an overlying rubber stink that fades to some very unique floral notes that are shining through from the Blueberry line…”

Listen. Nothing in their description is incorrect. This stuff smells like something I’ve never encountered. It’s rubbery, weirdly fruity, and very potent. One bowl of this strain and my brain felt clear and ignited. I started pondering whether Martin Luther King had a doctorate before he was assassinated or if it was awarded posthumously (don’t ask – the answer is he had a doctorate prior), so that sent me down a major rabbit hole of information that I wanted to discuss with anyone who would listen.

The strange part, though, is that while my brain was crystal clear, my body was another story. I was awake and aware, but I was “higher than I ever have been high in my life,” according to my notes, which are sparse, I’m assuming because my arms stopped working. At one point, I made a note that my whole body felt like it had tiny BBs jumping through it. I vaguely remember typing this, mostly because I could not for the life of me figure out how to spell BBs and neither could anyone else who smoked with me. I still can’t figure it out, in fact, even after an extensive Google search, so you get this (probably incorrect) version of it.

Anyway, yeah, I was super freaking high. I couldn’t stop laughing at mundane stuff, especially when I thought about the mundane stuff that had happened throughout the day, like when the dog decided to play T-rex and lay upside down on the rug for an hour. And, of course, at some point the fact that a professional writer couldn’t figure out how to spell BB became hilarious, too, although it’s not nearly as funny this morning as I try to write this with as few errors as possible.

That BB note is about where it ends, though, probably because I decided that it would be a good idea to load another bowl and smoke it alone, in my room, like a total jerk. It was so good, though, that I didn’t really want to share. I smoked my friends out on the first round but the second bowl was all mine. Things get incredibly hazy after that second bowl, and I’m guessing I passed out shortly after, though I really can’t say for sure.

So, if you want to get super stoned in a way you don’t normally get stoned, I highly recommend picking up some Blumese. This strain is weird and amusing and I love it. Brain awake, body tripping out, and laughing? I’ll take it, even if there is a weird rubber smell to the strain. Totally worth it.

DGO Pufnstuf


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