Edible review: Blood Orange Stillwater Gummy Supplements

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

The tricky thing about eating edibles is that sometimes you forget that you’ve taken them, and all of a sudden you’re eating a bowl of fried rice and tofu and you can’t figure out why the room is spinning. Or why your face is melting. Or why it’s getting increasingly more difficult to use hand-eye coordination to feed yourself.

That, dear readers, is exactly what happened to me when I gave Blood Orange Stillwater Gummy Supplements a try. I picked up a container of these at my lovely Durango Organics’ budtender’s recommendation after I went in looking for something to review this week.

Here’s the business: these containers come with 20 gummies, each containing five milligrams of THC. So, the good news is if you’re a lightweight like me when it comes to edibles, these gummies contain a perfectly tolerable amount of THC. If you’re one of those stoners who require a little more marijuana levels in order to get a good buzz going, you’ll want to chew a few of these. (Ed. note: stoner-buyer beware. Eating multiple weed gummies hasn’t fared well for us in the past, so…)

As far as taste and smell go, these gummies are delicious. The aroma is rich and citrusy, and they taste exactly how they smell. In fact, they reminded me of the orange candy slices you can get at the gas station.

Stillwater Brands promises that these gummies, which are made with Ripple (of which I am a fan of), are fast-acting.

“Who wants to wait 90 minutes for their edibles to kick in? With Ripple, you can feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes,” the company states on the container.

I wouldn’t say I felt the effects in 15 minutes, but it was definitely under 90 minutes. In fact, I had actually forgotten that I took an edible until I was in the middle of stuffing my face with fried rice and tofu and my vision did this thing where it completely warped the TV in front of me, which was innocently playing “The Office.”

In a panic, I made a beeline for the kitchen and tossed my bowl and utensils into the sink and ran upstairs while my roommates gave me confused side-eyes. I threw myself on my bed just in time, because I started turning into a statue and began to meld with my mattress. A stoned statue, I might add. It was a disaster. I was a disaster. But a disaster in the fun, psychedelic way that edibles are for me.

I texted my roommate in a panic.

“Help! I forgot I ate an edible and now I’m super stoned!”

They were less than sympathetic to my idiocy.


“Not a clue,” I replied. “All I know is that I can’t move my legs.”

I laid on my bed for the next hour or so, staring wildly at the brightly colored squares zipping across my screen as I played a game of Candy Crush, which I was in no position to win. And did not win, by the way. At some point my brain could take no more and I passed out in the same weird position as I had thrown myself onto my bed in. See? Statue.

With its delicious flavor and effects, Blood Orange Stillwater Gummy Supplements are a lot of fun. Despite fully believing that I had turned into a character from a King Midas tale, I wasn’t nearly as overwhelmed by the gummy’s potency as I usually am with edibles. That’s a win in my book, especially now that I can move my legs again.

The moral of the story is this: If you’re looking for a way to relax and let your brain take a vacation for a few hours, these gummies are just up your alley. Just maybe make yourself a note that you took an edible so you don’t forget.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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