Strain review: C99 live resin

by DGO Pufnstuf

Last night it felt like there were tiny electrical currents running through my cheeks. I know you’re probably side-eying the shit out of me right now, and that’s OK. I know what I felt.

And, that feeling came courtesy of some C99 from Chronic Therapy in Cortez. C99 – also known as Cinderella 99 in some cases – is a sativa-dominant hybrid that, according to legend, stemmed from some Jack Herer seeds that were dug out of a couple of grams of Herer bud purchased at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Is that really where C99 came from? I don’t know, but I like fairy tales, and I love the mystique around Jack Herer, so let’s go with it.

What we’re reviewing this week isn’t the bud, though. We’re reviewing the live resin version of C99 that Chronic Therapy has on the shelves. The batch I picked up was beautiful, all full of amber crystals and sticky as hell. I’d venture to say it was some of the prettiest live resin I’ve reviewed. But, as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whether it’s a pretty crystalline product or not has little impact on whether the resin’s effects are decent.

Luckily, I can tell you straight up that the drapes match the weed curtains on this one. And by that I mean the quality of this product matches the beauty of the crystals. I threw some in a vape pen yesterday evening and it wasn’t long before things were ready to go. As sticky and crystalline as this resin is, it sure does cooperate with the pen quite nicely.

I was surprised at how smooth this resin was, too. There wasn’t any harshness to it – meaning I didn’t choke once, which is not the norm for me with concentrates – and the taste was like damp earth and moss mixed with heavy flowers and citrus. The combination somehow reminded me of the way humid Louisiana days smell, kind of sour, yet flowery and fragrant. Maybe I was stoned after one hit. Who knows.

It didn’t take long for the feeling of electrical pulses to hit my cheeks, either. By the time I put down the vape pen, having exhausted the cache of concentrate I’d loaded in the pen, I was very noticeably stoned. I had a head high for real, and I kept noticing the background noises around me, which sounded a lot like someone was stomping up the stairs. After several times of looking over to see if a yeti was lumbering into my living room, I decided I was just hearing things and tried to ignore it. But, as you might imagine, I couldn’t ignore it, and found myself

highly amused with how my brain was trippin’ balls all randomly. There are definitely some psychedelic effects to this one, at least from the live resin, anyway.

And, just for the record, I know they sound weird, but the electrical face pulses really weren’t obnoxious – they were just super noticeable. They felt like tiny rolling pulses of energy slipping down my cheeks, and yes, I know that sounds insane. I don’t care. It’s what happened. /shrug

Looking back at it this morning, I’m surprised that this strain is sativa-leaning, because for me, the effects mirrored much more of what one would expect from an indica, but without the major body high. Just the cheek high. I didn’t get that burst of energy from it, either, but that could very well be because I smoked it at 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday after writing all day. Even C99 couldn’t save me from the end of weekend exhaustion.

If you’re into strains that kick your sensory system in the nuts, this live resin will absolutely be your jam. Just make sure you tell yourself there are no lumbering yetis on your stairs before you smoke it or you’ll spend entirely too long trying to figure out who let that mythical creature into your house, only to realize that the noise is actually your dog’s tail hitting the floor next to you. Yep. I am indeed an idiot.

— DGO Pufnstuf


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