Strain review: Iron Triangle and Sylvie’s Choice

by DGO Pufnstuf

You know what’s better than reviewing one strain of weed from our friends at Pagosa Therapeutics? Reviewing two strains, which we’re obviously doing this week or I wouldn’t be mentioning it.

If you ever read these reviews, you’re likely aware that Pagosa’s strains kick our asses up and down the block every single time we review them. As expected, this week was no exception, except our asses were double-kicked with the double amount of cannabis we were reviewing. Let’s, uh, crack into it or something, shall we?

The first strain we smoked was Iron Triangle, an indica-dominant hybrid that smells like zesty gasoline. Yes, that’s a thing. It’s like lemonade gasoline. Please don’t drink that.

The nugs produced by Iron Triangle are a deep green, dense, and crystalline, and they’re threaded with orange hairs throughout. The batch we picked up contained somewhere between 20.3 and 26.4 percent THC, which is an intimidating amount of THC, even for the dorky potheads in this office. We were scared.

We probably shouldn’t have been, though, because Iron Triangle actually turned out to be a pretty mellow, happy high. I smoked a bowl or two with a friend on a random weeknight, but I can’t really tell you what it tasted like because my taste buds are still wreckt with a t from this everlasting cold. It hit both of us hard and fast, which was noticeable by our skyrocketed amusement in literally everything. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from “Pen15,” which was both traumatizing me and making me laugh obnoxiously at the same time. (Side note: If you haven’t seen “Pen15,” a show about the horrors of being in middle school, please dig it up.)

And, despite the repressed middle school memories surfacing from that show, my face felt like a smile was plastered across it. I didn’t look in the mirror, but I know it was some frightening mix of the Joker and Cheshire Cat, only probably more demented. I would catch myself grinning and try to temper it, only to forget what I was doing and feel my mouth curl up into the Grinch’s weird grin once again. Why am I so cool.

That amusement quickly gave way to heavy eyes, and my eyelids kept fighting against my brain in a battle to the death. I didn’t fall asleep, but my eyes were at half mast for god knows how long. This strain is definitely a chill one.

Let’s move on to Sylvie’s Whisper, shall we? (Second side note: I keep wanting to call Sylvie’s Whisper “Sophie’s Choice,” which is so far from correct.)

Sylvie’s Whisper, if you aren’t familiar, is a sativa-leaning hybrid, and I believe it’s a cross between Jabberwocky and Black Domina, but don’t quote me on that. The nugs from this one are tight and dense, and they smell light and sweet, which is quite the opposite of Iron Triangle. It looked like there were a million tiny nugs in that jar, and I smoked this one solo cause my friends are sick of me taking notes about how dumb they are when they smoke.

Anyway, I really liked Sylvie’s Whisper, from the tangy, sweet taste of the bud to the clear-headed high that came with it. While this strain is heavy on the sativa effects, I didn’t feel paranoid or antsy after smoking it. I actually felt really focused yet (surprisingly) chill, like the stress of a thousand elephants had been lifted off my shoulders. That was dumb. Sorry.

I’m totally out of room, so I’m going to wrap this up by saying that as usual, both of these strains, while totally different, were solid ass choices. Pagosa Therapeutics never ceases to surprise me. They always manage to conjure up some weed magic, and Iron Triangle and Sylvie’s Whisper were no exception.

DGO Pufnstuf


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