Strain review: OG Sin

by DGO Pufnstuf

Awww, yeah. It’s week two of smoking and reviewing some fine, premium herb from Prohibition. We’ve been (mostly) good this year, and the weed gods are shining their skunky light down on us, so for that, we are Tiny Tim thankful.

Last week, we got our hands on some Cherry Diesel, one of the new strains that’s part of the premium line. This week, we snagged some OG Sin, a premium strain with a great name and even greater lineage. OG Sin is a triple threat, whipped up by Prohibition’s mad scientists by crossing OG Kush with Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99. What resulted from that experiment was a beautiful, crush-worthy indica hybrid that clocks in at 23.07 percent THC. It’s interesting to me that this strain is an indica hybrid, considering two of its three parents are sativa strains, but I don’t claim to understand science. I barely understand words most days.

Anyway, if you didn’t catch the info about Prohibition’s new premium line in last week’s DGO, here’s the short of it: Everything about this new premium line is like Slim Thug-level boss, from the care that’s taken to grow the plants to the beautiful glass packaging that showcases your weed prize. All of the strains have genetics that were hand-selected, and the strains are rare and exotic, and they are grown in small batches and hand trimmed.

Last week, I was handed one of the glass jars full of Cherry Diesel, but it didn’t have the actual packaging that those jars are housed in. The packaging was ready this week, and holy embossing, you guys. Even the boxes are hot. I know that sounds vapid, but I don’t care. They are so cool. The boxes just flat-out look like they contain some very good shit. They’re black with embossed gold text and design on them, and then, when you pop open the lid, there’s an insert that has a picture of the cannabis plant on it to secure your jar for safekeeping. If you have a parent who’s a cannabis connoisseur or a friend you really want to impress, you should definitely pick up one of the strains sold in this box. You’ll look hella fancy.

You’ll also feel hella fancy when they (or you! Feel free to keep this bad bish weed to yourself) pop open the lid and their jaw drops at the sight of those nugs. That’s what ours did with OG Sin, anyway. The OG Sin flower is so pretty. Normally I’d just load a bowl in my crappy old pipe that REALLY needs to be cleaned out, but this line deserved some extra biz. So for this one, I whipped out the ol’ dry herb vape.

Digging that thing out was a good move on my part, because while those things are also a pain to clean, I could really taste the herbal, lemon, and pine notes from the OG Sin in the vapor emitted from it. That’s pretty hard to do with just a pipe and a lighter, even though I am pretty old school and usually go that route. With the dry herb vape, I think I even got a hint of some wood flavor, which sounds gross, but wasn’t. The taste was delightful. OG Sin might be one of the best-tasting strains I’ve tried.

And the high was delightful, too. A couple of hits in and it was apparent both my smoking buddy and I were about to be real happy and real freaking stoned, no doubt about it. My head started to feel a little light and I started to laugh at the fact that I’d stepped in a frigging pumpkin some lazy jerk (me) left on the patio for several weeks too long. Neither of us were complaining, though. OG Kush is known to take a mallet to any stress or lingering bad feels, and OG Sin definitely took this characteristic from its parental unit. Cinderella 99 is known for its euphoric, happy high, and that was definitely in there, too.

My notes on this strain are short, and for good reason. I was too stoned to type. They say: “The Meredith episode (of The Office) was so effing great.” A few minutes later, I wrote: “I’m about to be real high.” I’m assuming that was when the body high kicked in, which was very evident and stretched across every limb, muscle, cell, and whatever else is contained in the human body. I was Jell-O.

I’m assuming I passed out shortly after that – my smoking buddy sure did – but I can’t tell you definitively because I don’t actually remember what happened from there. I remember having crazy dreams but still somehow woke up rested the next morning.

I’m really digging this new line, you guys. I can’t wait to line up my glass jars on the shelf and just stare at those pretty nugs without even removing the lid. Pretty badass indeed.

DGO Pufnstuf


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