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by DGO Web Administrator

Listen. All of us have friends (or, ahem, siblings) who are ganja-lovin’ fools. All they want to talk about is weed, their bong, or some new gadget they got to help them imbibe on said weed (ahem, us). Those friends or family are not going to be satisfied with your crappy present, be it Cards Against Humanity or a bottle of cheap gin. Those people want more weed gadgets and weed! So, this holiday season, do them a solid and avoid getting them the stupid pair of Beavis and Butthead socks you found at Ross. Get them something more, uh, local and weedy instead.

To make that task easier, we put together this holiday weed gift guide. Get them something from local glassblower Jim Richter or some hemp socks and they’ll be forever grateful. They might even slip you a nug in your stocking. No promises.

Locally made glassThere are lots of glass shops in Durango, like Cloud 9, right off of Main Avenue over by that sweet crepes cart, that kinda, sorta specialize in carrying some cool ass glass that comes right from the hands of Durango artists. And, that makes these shops the best places to visit to procure a rig, bong, or pipe. Want to get your pal a pipe from a local artist that has a magnet to keep their lighter attached (and therefore out of the sticky handed friends’ pockets)? Bingo. Cloud 9 has it. Want to wow your nerdy friend with a Star Wars-themed bong? A locally made one-hitter? Want to splurge on a $3,000 piece of glass from a local artist? Can we be friends?

Items like these are the very best and most thoughtful gifts for your cannabis-lovin’ mates, and unless you are going all in on a massive piece, they won’t even break the bank. Plus, you’ll be supporting the work of a local artist with your purchase, which is ALWAYS an added bonus.

Socks, duhOkay, well, not just any socks. Don’t get the aforementioned ones from Ross, which are a real thing, by the way. Get them some hemp socks from the local duo over at Kind Hemp. Their socks are made from sustainable, organic hemp, which is naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking. Perfect for your stoner friend who also likes to hike. Even perfect-er if you’re on a budget, cause these socks only run about $10. Local, affordable, and just right for your pothead pals. We dig.

Fancy strainsWe’ve gone on and on the last couple of weeks about Prohibition’s new premium line of strains, but we’re going to continue doing it in this story because, well, they’re awesome. If you have someone who loves weed but is also horrifically hard to shop for (it happens!), these jars of premium bud might be the perfect solution. They’re carefully chosen, cared for, and cultivated, and they come packaged in the most rad packaging ever. The glass jars showcase the pretty nugs through the glass and it’ll look like you spent an actual fortune on them. In reality, you’ll only spend about $50. Win, win.


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