Bad tattoo contest: We bequeath the gifts of a cover-up and laser removal to…

by DGO Web Administrator

You voted, readers, and we heard you loud and clear. After four weeks of bad tattoo submissions, we are excited to announce the two winners who are finally finding redemption after some really bad tattoo experiences. There were a lot of horrible submissions and in all seriousness, we’re sad we can’t help everyone out.

But we are excited to help these two deserving winners out, one with a badass cover-up by Robert Smith over at Black Mountain Tattoo and the other, a free consultation and two free laser removal sessions with Durango Dermatology.

So congrats to these two, and as for the rest of you, better luck next time.

Winner of cover-up by Black Mountain TattooBeau Duran – ICP Ink

Number of votes: 213

Submission: “Was young and dumb and thought it would be just so awesome to get a tattoo for cheap and at a friend’s home. Was a very costly mistake as the guy didn’t clean his equipment properly and ended up with a bad staff infection. If I win I would love to get the cover up since I think Robert Smith is an amazing artist and person.”

Winner of laser removal by Durango DermatologyCrystal Robson – Flower Foot Fail

Number of votes: 402

Submission: “Here is my tattoo that I absolutely hate. I got it when I was going through my divorce in 2010. This guys girlfriend convinced me gonna be him do it. I don’t want to call him out but this tattoo is horrible! It was suppose to be 3 flowers, one for each of my children, but the color is very faded, lines are bad and I just think it is embarrassing. Someday I will get something for my now 5 children. I don’t even want to wear sandals because of this ugly thing! I would like to just have it removed because I would rather not be reminded of this hard time period in my life and I don’t think the location, my foot, allows for color to actually stay very long.”


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