Strain review: Lemon Slazerbeam Bubble Hash and Headwreck

by DGO Pufnstuf

Combos are great. Just think about it. There are all kinds of terrific combos: chocolate and vanilla; peanut butter and jelly; whatever they referenced in that “we go together” song from “Grease.” A mash-up of two complementing items makes life better.

And, you know, that goes for weed, too. There are tons of combinations of weed-related products that make getting stoned even better than it normally is. We got our hands on one of those combos over the weekend when we stopped by Pagosa Therapeutics to pick up this week’s cannabis to review. Our friendly budtender surprised us with TWO canisters, one containing Headwreck flower and the other containing Lemon Slazerbeam Bubble Hash. Score!

I’d never heard of Headwreck, and I hadn’t seen it on Pagosa’s shelves prior to being handed the fancy blue container. Apparently that’s because this strain is brand spankin’ new to the dispensary, and we were the first to get our hands on it. This strain, a sativa created by crossing Headband and Trainwreck, will be available on Pagosa’s silver shelf, and I was told it would be even better if I sprinkled it with Lemon Slazerbeam Bubble Hash, which is why I was being handed two different products.

And, you know, far be it from me to question the weed experts. I’m just here to be the guinea pig. I ain’t got nothin’ on a budtender’s knowledge of this subject matter. So, I dragged my little bag of bubble hash and flower home and dropped some in my pipe. The Headwreck flower smelled kind of piney and cheesy, a scent that I haven’t really been able to pinpoint in other strains. I thought it smelled pretty darn good, to be clear, even though that sounds like a terrible combination. I didn’t stick my nose in the bubble hash because I was genuinely afraid of accidentally snorting up the fine powder. Do it yourselves if you must know what it smells like. I am not snorting hash, accidental or otherwise.

Anyway. I lit up the bowl, inhaled, and holy crap, you guys. As usual, I was not steered wrong by the weed gods. This combo WAS perfection. The smoke from the Headwreck wasn’t harsh or noxious, even with the bubble hash sprinkled on top of it. The taste was really pleasant, with hardly any aftertaste.

It didn’t take long to realize I was pretty stoned, but not in the head high way that Headband, one of Headwreck’s parents, makes me. There was no strange numb-but-noticeable feeling to my forehead, but I was noticeably smarter than I normally am. Which, you know, meant that I was basically MENSA status. (I kid.) I found myself wondering if actors on TV shows wore mics like participants on reality shows do – they always dramatically whip them off at times of contention – and if not, how do the boom mics pick up THEIR voices but not the voices of the reality stars? Using both seems like overkill, right? Deep thoughts with Jack Handy level, I know.

There was only a slight cerebral high to the strain, which I LOVED, because it meant the combo of bubble hash and bud didn’t make me stoney, but cleared my brain of the clutter instead. I can totally see this combo being a motivator when I don’t want to do things, like…everything that isn’t fun. The friend I smoked with said she didn’t feel super stoned either, but felt somehow relaxed and that her brain was cleared of the disaster it normally is, too.

This strain and the bubble hash is awesome. It’s a great balance between “feeling” stoned and motivated, and it’s a combo I’ll be keeping around for a hot minute. Just maybe don’t smoke it while you’re pondering the ins and outs of reality show mics, or you’ll be left with unanswered, very important questions.

DGO Pufnstuf


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