Strain review: Louis XIII

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?Like most of the California Ocean Grown strains, Louis XIII has heavily-rumored origins. The truth is she’s an OG Kush phenotype, and most likely back-crossed and stabilized with her close cousins. Unlike the sativa-feeling OG Kush we’re all familiar with, the Louis leans far to the indica side. The example I have is around 26 percent THC, and has a decent amount of CBD and terpenes.

The effectsBecause of its lineage, I expected the immediate head rush that comes with the first hit of OG Kush, but after a few minutes, I was pleasantly surprised when that warm, relaxing wave ran through my body instead. The feeling was almost narcotic as the euphoria started in my torso and ended up in my brain. After only four hits I was warped to the point of wondering just how incredibly high I was. As time went by, the unbelievable calming effect settled in, and I comfortably drifted off to dreamland.

The smellVery pungent and earthy, with a hint of pine.

The lookThe nugs are light green and covered in frosty white trichomes.

The tasteAmazing, like fresh flowers with a hint of perfume and pine.

The final verdictThis is an incredibly comfortable and sedating strain with powerful pain-killing properties. Anyone with sleep issues, anxiety or PTSD will absolutely love it. The flowery taste and earthy smell really add to the experience, and it’s as close to a perfect indica as you’ll ever find. The high is fantastic and well-rounded, giving your mind and body a feeling of transcendence over everyday life. You just might be convinced you woke up in another dimension.

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