Marijuana strain review: Gorilla Glue #4

by Meggie J

What is it?Gorilla Glue #4 is an extremely heady hybrid. Different growing conditions and nutrients can affect its ultimate phenotype, giving it either more indica or sativa characteristics. Although its genotype is diesel-based, with Chemm’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel in its lineage, it contains a cannabinoid profile that leans more toward an indica. GG#4 tests at 36.3 percent THC.

The effectsGG#4 comes on with a light, euphoric head buzz that converts into a full-body high within 20 minutes, giving you the feeling that you are “glued” to the couch. After the initial rush, the high settled into my body and I felt relaxed and calm, but not sleepy. Because of its overall calming effects, GG#4 is good for pain, anxiety, and people who suffer from OCD.

The smellGG#4 has an extraordinarily pungent, powerful smell, with a clean, crisp, high, pine scent that floods the senses. Flowing underneath is a deeper scent of earth and chocolate.

The look These buds look like they were dropped in a vat of powdered sugar like funnel cake at the fair. Light green and covered in tiny white trichromes, with fluffy orange hairs, make this is one a pretty little gorilla.

The taste“This is no ordinary diesel,” was my first thought at this wonderful combination of flavors. Chocolate Diesel is a fantastic strain and its presence in GG#4 creates a beautiful balance of citric top notes, deep, round cherry flavors with a bit of a nutty note and a lovely earthy tone that reminds me of a dark chocolate torte.

The final verdictGG#4 is sticky, sweet and smelly, reminiscent of a full-bodied red wine. It just has everything you could ask from a hybrid, marrying perfectly all the attributes from its lineage. Its buzz is pleasant, and not overwhelming for such a high level of TCH. Its flavors co-mingle to create a lovely bouquet. Highly recommended.

Meggie J


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