Marijuana review: Chemmy Jones

by Meggie J

What is it?Chemmy Jones is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Its parents are hybrid powerhouse Chemdawg and sativa Casey Jones. The TCH level is 34.05 percent. Terpines are at 2.75 percent, causing this strain to smell intensely rich.

The effectsDiesels tend to come on strong and hard, and because of its heritage, Chemmy Jones is no different. This is busy weed. Have a project? Need to clean out the garage? Organize the kitchen cupboards? This weed makes me feel like getting stuff done. And after a few hours of getting it done, I want to kick back and relax, glowing in the lingering effects and a job well done.

The smellSo inviting I want to lick the buds like lollipops. It literally made my mouth water. The high astringent notes expected from a diesel play out over gorgeous melon undertones from the Casey Jones side of the family.

The look Tight, light green buds with little, short shocks of red hairs and shimmering white trichromes that liberally cover the surface of these dense little nuggets.

The tasteDelightful! By some miracle of science and mother nature, the sour scents convert to a phenomenal sweetness, creating the most divine sweet and sour taste sensation. While most joints start to taste like resin-coated weed halfway through burning, Chemmy Jones stayed sweet and strong until the last hit. Through the vaporizer, the tastes were even more distinctive. Astringent and sassy accompanied by a forceful punchy flavor on the inhale, the exhale was smooth and creamy, full of plums and melons with a pinch of earth.

The final verdictCareful cross-breeding has created this phenomenal hybrid. After the initial punch from the sativa side of Chemmy’s heritage, a little lull kicks in from the indica. It’s like your body keeps going but your mind checks out for a bit. Great for dancing, working out, hiking, or creative endeavors. Very high in TCH, so I recommend caution for newbies or people that tend towards paranoia. One of my new favorites, extraordinarily strong sativa-dominant hybrid with a fantastic sweet and sour flavor that lingers and deepens with each hit.

Meggie J


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