Vegan edibles to feed your inner hippie

by Angelica Leicht

We have a bone to pick with you, Colorado. There are NOT very many vegan edibles in this state, which became super clear as we did the research for this article. How?! How are there not more vegan-friendly weed edible options in a state full of healthy weirdos and weed? Someone please explain it to us.

California, on the other hand, has literally (beh, figuratively) BILLIONS of vegan options for the discerning, plant-loving pothead. They didn’t even legalize recreationally until January 1! Please add THAT part to your explanation when you hand it over.

Still, as sparse as the options are in Colorado, the news isn’t all bad, because the options that we do have are very good ones, like healthy weed balls or infused garlic olive oil. Please see below for proof.

SuckIT Edibles / Canyon Cultivation10 mg THC per candySuckIT edibles are only made in Colorado, and every single flavor – from Boysenberry to Fruit Punch and Sour Watermelon – is 100 percent vegan, AND all of them will get you high. It’s a plant-y, gummy dream come true! And, that dream is made even better when you add in the fact that Canyon Cultivation’s gummies have won awards for being so badass. So, all you vegans can feel free to snarf away on any and all things from the SuckIT line. Or maybe just start with one, eager beaver. It’s safer that way.

Sour Gummies / Wana Brands100 mg of THC; 10 mg per candyWe come bearing good news about Wana Gummies: all of their Sour Gummies are 100 percent free of gelatin, which means they’re utterly and completely vegan. These mouth-puckering bad boys are made with pectin instead, are certified gluten-free, AND come in either packs of mixed fruit flavors, or single-flavor packs of watermelon, peach, raspberry, grape, orange, lemon, pineapple, and green apple. OH. And you can get them in either sativa, indica, or hybrid, so you can choose your own cannabis adventure. SO MANY DELICIOUS CHOICES.

Fruity Pucks and Sour Pucks / Highly Edible100 mg of THC; 10 mg per gummy Awwww, yes. More gummies. Like the Wana Gummies, Highly Edible’s assorted Fruity Pucks are 100 percent vegan and organic, and all of them are freakin’ delicious. You can choose from Highly Edible’s Organic Fruity Bears, Organic Watermelon Rings, Organic Peach Rings, and Organic Fruity Hearts. You’ll feel like a kid – err, adult – in a candy store.

Infused Peanut Butter / Zendo1 ounce, 50 mg THCVegan peanut butter and weed? Hells yes. Zendo is life, man. Their snack-sized peanut butter is a pouch full of nutty deliciousness, and it comes bearing a whopping 50 mg of THC. Just spread that thing on some toast – or perhaps PART of that thing, cause 50 mg is a beast – and munch away. You’ll be snackin’ on a bunch of delicious vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, AND all the benefits of cannabis. That’s a freaking win if we’ve ever seen one.

CannaPunchAmount of THC varies by flavorAll right, so CannaPunch isn’t really an edible as much as a drinkable, but it still counts. This non-carbonated, cannabis-infused punch is 100 percent all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and corn syrup-free, so you can down this drink without ANY guilt. Oh, and you can choose from flavors like Watermelon Nectar, Pineapple Mango Delight, Black Cherry Fusion, Grand Daddy Grape, and Blue Raspberry Sour, cause CannaPunch is awesome like that.

Chill Pills in Sublime Spearmint, Blissful Blueberry, and Outrageous Orange flavors / The Growing Kitchen100 mg THC per pack; 10 mg per candyVegan hard candies? Don’t mind if we do! Chill Pills’ Sublime Spearmint, Blissful Blueberry, and Outrageous Orange flavors are all vegan, and are great for treating ailments like anxiety, pain, inflammation, and upset stomach. If you’re looking for something to knock you out, steer clear of the Outrageous Orange, which is a sativa-based candy and will crank up your motor instead of winding it down (as in, it’ll wake you the eff up). Sublime Spearmint and Blissful Blueberry, on the other hand, are hybrids, so you can expect more of a relaxing effect from them. Whatever flavor you choose, though, you can be sure it’ll be pretty badass indeed.

Go-Chi Ball and Zoom Ball / The Growing Kitchen10 mg THC per ballBoth the Go-Chi Ball and Zoom Ball made by The Growing Kitchen are vegan, healthy, infused with cannabis, and delicious. The Go-Chi Ball is made with a mix of walnuts, apples, cranberries, and goji berries – hence the name Go-Chi – which are rolled together into a ball with herbs and spices. It’s a soothing ball, one that will help you center your chi and get you stoned. Can’t lose with that combo. The Zoom Ball, on the other hand, is a coconut-sprinkled ball filled with almonds, dates, apricots, and raisins, and uses an infusion of sativa to give you a jolt of energy. You’ll feel healthy and happy, which is kinda, sorta perfection.

Garlic, Chili, or Lemon Olive Oil / BinskeThe amount of THC varies by bottle sizeIf you want to cook some vegan goodies with some cannabis, try using one of the olive oils from Binske. They’re cold-pressed from Napa Valley olives and come in super great flavors like, chili, garlic, and lemon, and, of course, they’re vegan. You’ll feel super fancy, and super true to your diet, when you dab a lil bit of this infused olive oil on your dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) dishes. Or, you can be weirdos like us and just pour it straight into yo’ mouth. Either or.

— Angelica Leicht


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