New CO In-N-Out burger locations inspire 14-hour waits and pantsless fights

by Amanda Push

What would you do for a Klondike bar, er, In-N-Out burger?

For some Coloradans, they would be willing to wait 14 hours for the California-based chain fast food. For other Coloradans, they would be willing to wait 14 hours AND get into a pantsless fight. Who are we to judge?

But let’s back up a bit. On November 20, In-N-Out opened the state’s first new burger joints at 10 a.m. in Aurora and Colorado Springs. In-N-Out only offered pick up, no indoor seating. Coloradans, it seemed, could not get it fast enough. The fast-food chain expected to sell about 60,000 burgers that weekend, according to the Denver Post.

The Denver Post reported wait times of up to 14 hours at the Aurora location. By 4 p.m., the car line was two miles long and wrapped around a nearby mall not once, but twice.

The Aurora Police Department even went as far as to warn people away from the eatery, and, for the love of fried food, please wait to eat In-N-Out another day.

“It’s official, traffic is double-double animal style right now all around the mall. We are on hand helping manage the massive traffic response. Be patient and be kind. Maybe support another local eatery today and In-n-Out another day if traffic is too hectic for you,” the department tweeted that day.

Not everyone heeded this warning, however. Not long after the restaurant opened, someone posted a video to Twitter of two men getting into a smackdown while waiting in line. In the process, one man’s pants slipped down to his ankles, though this didn’t deter him.

It took several other people’s involvement to break up the fight, but not before the entire ordeal was caught on camera and was viewed more than 51,000 times on social media.

“This man pulled up to the In-n-Out to get in line and get knocked out of his sweatpants,” the Twitter user captioned the video. “Day 1 and the city don’t know how to act.”

Imagine what they would do for a Whataburger.

Amanda Push


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