Strain review: Buddha’s Smile wild orange blossom AiroPro cartridge

by DGO Pufnstuf

Attention, vape lovers. Have you heard of the Buddha’s Smile wild orange blossom cartridge for AiroPro? If the answer is no, you’re gonna need to remedy that — stat.

Before we talk about Buddha’s Smile cartridge, though, let’s talk about the AiroPro, the vape battery it fits into. If you’re unfamiliar with the AiroPro vape, here’s the gist: This vape has won a bunch of awards at Cannabis Cup, and people love it because it’s known for emitting three freaking times the amount of vapor as other pens. It utilizes an innovative magnetic cartridge design that allows you to just pop different cartridges in and out of the battery as you please, no screwing required. When you want to swap it out, you just pull out the cart and store it in AiroPro’s handy carrying case.

As you may have gathered, we’re big fans of this vape (to the point that our other weed writer, Blaze, “accidentally” took my battery to Boulder recently, forcing me to get a new one). It’s discreet, super easy to use, and the only noise or alert that the vape battery gives off when you’re using it is a slight vibration to let you know it’s charged and working. Nobody can even tell what it is! Pretty slick. Anyway we’ve gone over the magic of the AiroPro in depth before, but it’s worth noting here anyway in case you want more info.

I’ve been glued to this vape ever since it landed in my hands for review, and one of my hands-down favorite things to impulsively buy at the dispensary are new cartridges for it. It’s becoming a slight obsession. And that’s exactly why I was so excited to try out Buddha’s Smile, a 1:1 CBD:THC Co2 oil cartridge that is flavored like wild orange blossom.

One of the nice features of this particular cart is that it’s naturally flavored, so the vapor you inhale doesn’t taste overwhelmingly fake like it can with other flavored vapes. The other nice thing about this cart is that it gets you stoned.

I was quick to toss the Buddha’s Smile cartridge into the battery as soon as I walked into my house from picking it up at Prohibition. I was stoked to find that it tasted clean and bright, just like the name implies, and it emitted clouds of vapor that even the most seasoned smoker would be envious of.

It also emitted some seriously calming effects once I’d inhaled a couple of those vapor clouds. I first started to notice a tingling in my head — not an uncomfortable tingling, mind you. It was a calming effect more than anything. I could feel it wash over my body, leading me to grin like a dork while sinking into my couch, glazed in happiness and sunshine.

That light, airy high stuck around for quite a while, in part because I kept taking more pulls off the pen every once in a while. It was such a nice feeling to have, that feeling of calm and serenity, and it’s increasingly hard to come by (at least for me while stuck mostly indoors). So the fact that this cart can elicit it is pretty impressive.

What was also impressive was that I didn’t get TOO high, even with the follow-up hits I took to maintain the serene feeling. Maybe it was the CBD-THC mix, or maybe it was the hint of summer oranges, or maybe it was just the THC. Doesn’t matter. Whatever it was, I was happy as hell to feel it.

Anyway, that’s the Buddha’s Smile cart. You will not be surprised to find out that I have been indulging in this one every time someone pisses me off, which is often. Between the sunny citrus, the calming CBD, and my very best friend THC, it’s the perfect remedy to annoyance and frustration. I highly recommend it.

DGO Pufnstuf


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