An experiment in microdosing with Canyon ChewIT gummies

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

Ingesting small amounts of THC ain’t as pointless as it sounds — not with these excellent edibles, anyway

This isn’t going to be the usual weed re-view that you find on DGO Mag. There’ll be no tales of me believing that we’re all living in the Matrix or badly assembling furniture whilst stoned off my gourd.

Nah. This particular review is about microdosing, all thanks to Canyon ChewIT gummies. Canyon is a longtime marijuana company, producing cannabis-infused products for the medical marijuana industry since 2010.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I am one of those people who cannot function to save their life after ingesting marijuana whether that be smoking flower, eating edibles, or toking on a vape. I am done for. I don’t go into creative mode where I find myself writing beautiful poetry or becoming productive and do the dishes.

In other words, I am a slave to wherever I park my ass, for better or for worse.

Therefore, in a world where many marijuana products focus on higher and higher amounts of THC, experimenting with microdosing is of great interest to me.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, mi-crossing is ingesting only a small amount of a substance so you can still enjoy the effects but still function and not get high.

I picked up this pack during my latest visit to a dispensary. I went with the sativa option (the Blue Dream strain) of sour cherry limeade.

Other ChewIT options are sour lemonade, strawberry lemonade, sour watermelon lemonade, and pineapple lemonade.

Each pack comes with 40 gummies – 2.5 mg of THC each, so if you want to get stoned on these you’ll have to eat quite a few. I, however, did not purchase these to get stoned. At least, not right away.

I wanted to see how I would function should I consume one gummy at a time.

ChewIT sour cherry limeade is a great sour candy. No weed taste – sweet initially before blooming into a full-on puckered tart flavor, enough so that I always make faces when I eat them.

But here’s where I admit something to you: I’ve never microdosed before. Usually when partaking in the ganja, I like to go big or go home. I want to completely submerge myself in the utter fog that takes over. Sadly, this means I’m incapable of so much as operating a microwave when I’m stoned, but it’s the price I’m usu-ally willing to pay.

It is not to partake and be able to function. The first time I tried a ChewIT gummy, I popped one of these thin, green squares on a Saturday afternoon.

I chose this particular day because I had no commitments so if this backfired impressively, at least I wouldn’t be high during a virtual game night with my family. Though come to think of it, that’s probably the best time to be stoned.

The effects were a mellow euphoria in which I had a clear head. For once, after partaking in some marijuana, I wasn’t laying helplessly on my couch. Or floor for that matter.

I felt a lot more energy to take a walk and work on a few projects before it eventually wore off and I took a nap for all my hard work. I can’t say that I felt it much in my body other than a very mild head buzz and felt very relaxed. The quarantine brain fog seemed to temporarily lift for a few hours even.

If you, like a lot of people, are interested in micro dosing – whether it’s because you want a gentle intro to edibles or you just flat out don’t want to get stoned – Canyon ChewITs are a great place to start. Tiny, non-intimidating, and with lots of flavor options, it’s hard to go wrong with this line.



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