Strain review: Sweet God

by DGO Pufnstuf

Not gonna lie, you guys. When I first got my hands on this strain and saw that it was not only an indica, but an indica named Sweet God, I was a little intimidated. I can handle weed with names like Purple Monkey Balls or Cat Piss, but for some reason, messing with a strain that invoked the name of the dear lord above (or wherever he might reside for you) seemed like it might be playing with fire. Let’s just say I’m not that pious.

Luckily, lightning did not strike me dead when I opened the cap, which was a very good sign. (There was a massive fire burning outside my window, because that 416 Fire ain’t that far from any of us, but that verifiably sparked well before I touched this strain.) Another good sign was that the bud that appeared when I dumped out the container was some of the prettiest I’ve seen since starting this little weed review experiment. No lie. Pictures are proof.

Sweet God is a pretty strain in general – the buds are completely frosty and crystalized with white trichomes, and the bright green buds and orange hairs only add to the vibrant allure – but this specific bud of mine looked like it was hand-picked by the gods. Or someone who really knows what they’re doing.

This strain is more than pretty, though. It’s an indica hybrid that comes loaded with THC – up to 27 percent with this particular batch – and is a good solution for issues like cramps, migraines, and insomnia, which is my brain’s malady of choice these days.

I lit up a small bowl of this strain Saturday morning to try and get rid of a throbbing headache, which came courtesy of too much beer at Steamworks. Those Friday night happy hours always get me. I’d spent my morning struggling to get myself to get up and eat (stop judging me) because every time I’d lift my head, I would feel like it was covered in aching cement. But, like a gift from the sweet, sweet gods, my head’s incessant pounding was relieved after a couple of puffs. I love cannabis. It’s a darn miracle plant.

Not only is this strain a quick cure for the Saturday morning aches and pains, it’s also, quite interestingly, a really sweet, good-smelling strain. It smells a bit like a candied fruit, and the smoke it emits tastes more like honey and fruit than any fruity strain I’ve tried, which is probably part of why it has that “nectar of the gods” nod in its name. Makes sense to me, anyway.

I also really dug how quickly this strain’s effects came on. It’s always nice to know what level you’re at and whether you need to imbibe some more or step away for a minute, and with Sweet God, it’s pretty apparent every step of the way. It’s kind of no-nonsense like that. I stopped when my headache dissipated, and then spent the next 20 minutes or so watching the smoke rise from the incense on my coffee table. It was mesmerizing.

I don’t know if you’ve ever smoked a strain that makes you feel like you understand every artsy and creative thing in the world, but that’s what I felt like after that bowl. It made me feel like watching the incense burn was the best thing I could be doing in that moment. Nothing else mattered – not the snubbed-out hangover or the neighbor texting me about errands or the millions of other distractions looming. I was completely content to sit there and watch the smoke rise and dance in the breeze from the open windows. I felt like I was watching the caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland” as he blows smoke letters. “Whoooooo… areeeeeee…. aaaaayouuuuuuuu…” In that moment, that movie, its weird inexplicable caterpillar (that is presumably smoking opium and not Sweet God weed), and the correlation it had to my newfound obsession with incense smoke all made sense. All of it.

It doesn’t, of course, make much sense this morning as I type this up, but that’s kinda how it goes with some of these strains. I know I loved the dancing smoke, I know my headache was gone, and according to my notes, I know my legs were really tingly. Conveying just what that felt like altogether, though, is not super cut and dry. Perhaps the best word to summarize how I felt is “good.” I felt pretty darn good.

That’s a huge win for a Saturday morning that started out feeling like death. Listen. I’ll take watching incense smoke dance in the breeze over the nausea and headache of a hangover ANY day. Heck… I’ll take it on a totally normal non-hangover day, because that was some good stuff. Sure, I wasn’t that productive, but who cares? Sweet God is pretty darn heavenly.

DGO Pufnstuf


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