Style Fetish: In praise of Carhartt gold

by DGO Web Administrator

Let this first column be in praise of pants, specifically and adoringly, Carhartt or Dickies canvas work pants in that iconic hot mustard gold. This common color of the bottom halves of many Colorado men is evocative in the extreme, bringing to mind hard work, capability, beer and honey, toughness and integrity. That mellow yellow gold means something is about to get hammered or welded or lasso’ed or otherwise set to rights. Seeing Carhartt gold on my man makes me feel safe, sexy, and somehow, also implies that there’s plenty of kindling.

In style, Carhartt yellow is a gorgeous and interesting neutral. It looks amazing with any color in the spectrum, in an even more exciting way than black. Against any color, it contrasts, it emphasizes, it makes other colors more saturated, it looks like crazy-good mountain man chic when worn with black on top.

Men, you are unaware yet resplendent in Carhartts and a red and black lumberjack checked flannel, navy blue band tee or burgundy plaid snap shirt, white button-up or black wool sweater. You can do almost no wrong here.

But be as thoughtful and capable in style as you are in your Carhartt-clad labor and keep a new pair in good shape for wearing for date night, casual western weddings, parties, etc. Wear with any color, darling, just be thoughtful about that shirt – is it clean, hole-free, and of appropriate nice-ness for your destination and company?

So work, play, hunt and Carhartt it up with impunity and in full confidence that you look sexy and capable in whichever shirt color you choose. Be well and do well, fella, moving through this tough world in your magical, meaningful and ever-matching pants.

Got a style/fashion question for Heather? Of course you do. Send it to [email protected]


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