Supreme Oreoz was a dose of the weed medicine we desperately needed

by DGO Pufnstuf

Prohibition’s new strain worked magic on our naughty disposition after a long day of nonsense

I have been really stressed out with work. Like, really, really, REALLY stressed out.

To be clear, I’m not stressed out with weed reviewing. That is the best part of my life. I love it. Weed reviewing does not stress me out. (PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME.)

I am stressed out with my day job, because, well, day jobs are trash. I really wish I could sit around and just smoke weed all day, e’ry day. It’s all I’d do.

But alas, this weed reviewer needs to make the big kid bucks to live in an expensive mountain town (not naming names, but like…we all know what I’m talking about). So that requires a day job.

And, as being a stellar employee at a day job tends to go, I am constantly getting everyone else’s freaking work dumped on me on a regular basis. I know it needs to be done, but like…how is this complete and total pothead the only adult in the room?

Rant over. Well, sort of. I guess I’m telling you this for a reason. And that reason is that because I’m wound up like a freaking rubber band ball right now, some strains have been making me incredibly anxious. It sucks. I hate it. I love weed, and this normally wouldn’t happen.

As such, I was really nervous about reviewing anything for this issue of DGO. What would happen if I lost my cool after a few puffs? How would I handle it?


Well, the good news is that the anxious purge did not occur, so I’m not struggling with any of that. In fact, the opposite happened, and it’s all thanks to a little strain called Supreme Oreoz.

I picked up this strain, which is one of the newer additions to Prohibition Herb’s lineup, and the first thing the budtender told me was that I was going to like this one.

“It’s a super stoney buzz,” he said.

Oh great. A super stoney buzz. The kind that makes you get all up in your dang brain, right? The kind that makes you think and think and think some more as your limbs go numb and your anxiety levels rise?

I did everything I could in that moment not to run out the door.

But because I’m a trooper, I did not. I simply paid for my weed and walked out post-haste.

And, knowing I’d have to bite the bullet, I immediately rolled a joint of this beautiful, purple-tinged flower when I got home. Might as well bite the bullet early, I thought.

I sparked that sucker up and braced myself for the worst.

A few puffs in, no anxiety.

A few more and there wasn’t just no anxiety; there was relief. Sweet, sweet relief.

Halfway through the joint of Supreme Oreoz, it was like my mood went from 60 to 0 in one second flat. I was no longer hauling ass through life; I was cruising. Everything was fine.

My mouth, dry as the Sahara, twisted from a grimace to a grin as I let the frustration of the day drip off of me. The weed took over, calming my nerves from the inside out. Letting my brain be free of its hate shackles. Stoned as hell, I no longer hated my coworkers.

In fact, I loved them. Well, OK, I did not love them, but I felt a little empathy in my stoney haze. At that moment, I felt I could understand why they were so quick to dump their work on me. They hate their jobs too, I thought! I get it! We’re all the same.

Three-quarters in, it wasn’t just relief that I felt. It was pure elation.

I went from a ball of hardened wax to a laughing, joking real human of a person. I called friends on FaceTime. I googled nonsensical junk. And I let myself breathe.

It. Was. So. Rad.

And, while that alone was awesome, what was even better was that I felt like the physical weight had been lifted off of my shoulders too. The weed was bearing the load. My neck no longer ached and my head no longer pounded. I had nothing holding me down.

That hazy, happy feeling lasted for a couple of hours, so just long enough for me to get my junk together to face another day. Not too shabby if you ask me.

I love it when a strain surprises me, and that’s exactly what this one did. While I can’t promise you that Supreme Oreoz will make you a little less blood-lusty after a long day at work, what I can tell you is that it worked miracles for my disposition, and I’m a crotchety ass most of the time. In fact, it worked so well that I can’t wait to light up another bowl or six when this day is over. Cause these coworkers? Yeah, they’re already back to working my last nerve. Luckily, I have Supreme Oreoz to get me through that pain.


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