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We’ve all seen a bartender at some point in our lives that we had the eyes for – even before putting on the beer goggles. There are some good lookin’ shakers and stirrers out there working hard for their tips. This week, we bring you two barkeeps who do actually do have legs. We thought they may have just been floating, magical torsos. The mystery is solved. Anyway, these four-limbed singles both have that outgoing personality you would expect from someone who works in hospitality. Get to know them a bit, and if you like them, hit us up at [email protected] and tell us about yourself. We’ll be sure to pass the message along.

If you want to be featured or know somebody who is single and ready for romance, drop us a line.

Jordon Nelson

Age: 30

Sign: Aquarius (“And I can swim.”)

Occupation: Bartender at HomeSlice South (“Ladies night every Thursday.”)

Why are you still single?I have not found that one yet. I’ve tried many a times and thought they were the one, and they ended up not being the one, so I am still on the lookout.

What are your thoughts on commitment? I’ve been in a situation where I’ve looked a little bit too hard, and found myself in a situation I didn’t want to be in, so right now I’m moving with the motions. If it happens, it happens. If it don’t, then on to the next one.

What qualities do you look for in a lady? She has to have a good sense of humor. We have to laugh together. If we can’t laugh together, then it ain’t going to go nowhere. Obviously looks is a plus, but I’ve been in situations where the prettiest girl is the ugliest. So I’ve ventured away from that aspect of (basing) a relationship around looks. …And (someone who) has good goals, somebody who is actually doing something, who is moving forward, not backwards. If you’re not moving forward than you’re not doing anything.

What is different about you that people don’t know?That’s hard. A lot of people know a lot about me. I like the outdoors more than I project. I’d rather be outside more than the average brotha. I’m a mix of country and city all in one. I like to be outside but I do like that nightlife.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?Put me on the lake and I’ll find something to do. Just somewhere around water because, you know, I’m an Aquarius.


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