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Nothing says hustler quite like a gig working with cars. Not that hustler is a bad thing, mind you. E’rybody needs a little hustle in their lives to keep them on their toes and keep things moving – in this case, literally moving via four wheels, an axle, and a bunch of other car parts. In case you haven’t figured it out, this week, we’re featuring two singles whose work lives revolve around automobiles. Vroom, vroom. If you find yourself hitting the gas over their profiles, reach out at [email protected] and tell us about yourself. Or, shoot us an email to be featured as a single. Either way, reach out and touch us via the interwebs. We’re here for you.

Warren Gutierrez

Age: 42 years young

Occupation: I am a sales manager at a Hi Country Mitsubishi Kia Dealership in Farmington. Basically, I am an overpaid babysitter.

Sign: Aries

What’s your poison?Tequila on the rocks with some limes or lime juice; silver or platinum preferably.

Why are you still single?I’ve left a handful of great women in my travels. I’ve lived a nomadic lifestyle, so I’ve moved every four to five years consistently since I graduated high school back in the mid-’90s. It is just tough to settle when you’re moving that much. I’ve had some good relationships with some good women. They just weren’t willing to up and leave.

How long have you been living here in Durango?I’m from here, but I just moved back after about 15 years. My 13-year-old daughter is here; my family is here. I own a home here, thankfully. I think I might be back for good.

What qualities do you look for in a lady?Well, now that I am so wise and I have learned from my experiences, I look for their smile, and their hair, interestingly enough. I like straight, thin hair. I like faces. I’m a face guy. I would prefer someone that is educated and has a good personality. I’m not looking for someone to depend on me. I’m looking for somebody that has their shit together. I’d prefer somebody that has life experience. It doesn’t have to be college, but it helps, I think.

Tell us something about yourself that others may not know about you.Well… might as well throw this out there. My political views are right down the middle, but I worked at the Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach as my first job out of college. I worked for Donald Trump for three years at the Mar-a-Lago and it was an amazing experience. He was the biggest prick I ever worked for in my life. He actually wrote me a letter of recommendation and got me my first real job in the corporate world, and that led me to not wanting to be part of corporate America and to run as far away from that as possible. I did work for Donald Trump and I got to know him and his personal family for three years.

Do you have Peter Pan syndrome?Even though my age is old, I don’t feel old. And when I’m at work, I’m a professional. But when I’m away from work, I’m a goofball. In terms of not wanting to settle, I don’t think I have that aspect. I’m getting to the point of my life where I think settling would be a good idea.


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