The 10 best and raciest moments of 2016’s Snowdown Follies

by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

As always, this year’s Snowdown Follies performance is filled with references to pop culture, politics and local escapades. There are plenty of poop jokes, a lot of fake penises pulled out on stage, and derisive mockery of Donald Trump, the city council, the EPA, the Animas River spill and (of course), The Durango Herald. Plus, because this year’s theme is the ’80s, you can look forward to a plethora of sexy Madonna costumes. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite moments.

Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner

Two of the Follies’ hosts this year are none other than Bruce and Caitlyn; fresh-off-the-Olympics Bruce of the ’70s (in a track suit), and newly-minted, feminine Caitlyn of 2016 (played by a man in a dress). These two don’t think they’ve ever met, but they do notice something awfully familiar about each other …

“BB and the Bad Habits.”

This impious act features a convincing lip-synced imitation of The Blues Brothers, complete with a line of slutty dancing nuns.

“Stalker Songs of the 80s”

A song compilation proving how many completely creepy, predatory songs this decade was filled with (a little jab at the era’s lack of originality, perhaps?) The act includes lip syncing to Sting’s “Every Breath You Take,” Heart’s “Alone” and Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.”

“Snowdown News”

This sketch simulates a hard-hitting news update – but the news they report on is hardly legit. There are jokes about living in Bayfield because you can’t afford Durango, the continued stalling on moving the “poop plant” out of town and a debate around the correct pronunciation of the word “pecan;” to illustrate the diction differences, one of the news anchors demonstrates what a pee-can might look like.


One of the coolest acts of the night is a group of dancers dressed in big (snow?) suits, covered in bright multicolored LED lights. The lights miraculously flash on and off in time with the music (How? Was a computer synced up to the song? Who knows.) The theater is completely dark during this performance (no flash photography permitted), so the lighted suits give the illusion of dancers floating around on stage and disappearing at will.

Ronald Reagan and Jane Fonda

Another pair of the evening’s hosts, these two have a charming back-and-forth. Workout-queen Fonda points out that while Durango is an outdoorsy town where everyone climbs 14ers, nobody wants to park a block away from Carver’s on a busy Friday night.


One of the show’s biggest crowd pleasers, this act invents a fake company selling glitter to liven up your vagina (apparently, “boring vaginas” are an feminine affliction sweeping the nation). At one point, a man pops up from underneath a woman with his beard covered in glitter.

“It’s Better in the Sack”

This one features dancers wearing giant, human-sized colored sacks. Unusual and impressive, because the performers seemingly can’t see very well (their heads are covered, too), and yet they are able to coordinate their movements.

The Follies also poke fun at there being “no news” in Durango worth reporting … well, it’s a small but lively town. The Follies are proof of that!

Anya Jaremko-Greenwold


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