What’s new: Spider Bags, “Someday Everything Will Be Fine”

by Jon E. Lynch

Four years back, I was introduced to North Carolina-based Merge Records recording artist Spider Bags, shortly after they released their label debut, “Frozen Letter.” I was instantly taken in by their unique and punchy brand of rock and roll. Furthermore, I was slightly embarrassed and dumbfounded that it took me seven years to discover them. Their particular sound – and let me tell you: they do it so, so well – is a perfect balance of styles and sonics that aren’t just in my wheelhouse, they are a hefty foundation of the house itself. Garage, punk, indie, twang… check, check, check, and check. By the time I was turned on, the band was four records in and already regional legends. Fast forward to late July 2018, and I still don’t know this band’s preexisting body of work nearly as well as I should. Since they seem to be rarely mentioned and referenced in conversation amongst my music friends, peers, and colleagues, I’m hoping to do my part to change that and perk up a few ears.

Those who know me well (and now all of you, I suppose) know that I rarely listen to advance singles ahead of an album when I’m looking forward to its release. I just don’t do it. I’d rather hear that cut within the context of the entire record. Somehow, and I am truly unsure how, that eluded me this go round, and I caught standout track, “My Heart Is a Flame in Reverse.” I was not only (yet again) sold, but floored: “He met a girl with a pentagram, tattooed on the front of her neck, and she knew, automatically, and magically, that they were connected until death and they DANCED in a room, that was void, of regret…”

There is so much more I’d like to tell you about this band, and this record in particular. The guests who appear on it, the specific way and where it was recorded, but mostly, I want you to HEAR it. And then? I want you to BUY it. Support a great band. Support a stellar record label. And for the love of whatever deity you so choose, please, PLEASE support your local record store while, and if, you still can.

“Someday Everything Will Be Fine” is available Friday, August 3, via Merge Records as a digital download (high quality MP3), on compact disc, and on vinyl in a standard black colorway. You can also order the album as part of the label’s exclusive Peak Vinyl series. Peak Vinyl records come in a limited edition colorway (in this case, “Bruiser,” a purple-black) and is available only from the label directly and from participating independent record stores.

Recommended for fans of modern rock and roll in the vein of The Reigning Sound, The Dexateens, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, The Men, and moments of The Replacements.

Want to discuss further? I’d love to. Email me at:

Jon E. Lynch[email protected]


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