Marijuana strain of the week: Citrix

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?Citrix is a very powerful cross between sativa-leaning Grapefruit, and heavy-indica LA Confidential. Even though she’s 50 percent indica, she smokes all sativa. At around 20 percent THC, its indica lineage keeps it balanced, and its high terpene profile makes it an amazingly comfortable smoke.

The effectsI’ve heard Citrix described as a bit of creeper, but the example I had hit my nugget almost instantly. The immediate head rush tapered off after about five minutes into very hazy but mellow even-feeling high. Citrix is extremely strong but leaves you very clear headed for a sativa. You won’t notice a body high early on because the head high is so extreme, but the LA Confidential side of her will definitely give you that cozy all-over effect.

The smellThis might be the strongest citrus-smelling bud you’ll ever have the pleasure of smoking. It has a slight earthy smell, but the overwhelming grapefruit, orange and lemon aroma far overshadows it.

The lookShe has very large tight buds full of fiery orange hairs.

The tasteIt starts with a sweet flavor but the exhale tastes mostly like ripe fruit.

The final verdictIf you’re looking for a very strong, but clear-minded sativa, Citrix is the one. This is a perfect daytime activity strain, but would be amazing at social gatherings. She’ll make you feel talkative and energetic, while focused and creative. You’ll notice the comedown is more indica-leaning, and sleep comes easily during or even after the peak of the experience. This is a very functional sativa, but you might find yourself blissed out on your next hike through the mountains.

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