The coolest weed accessories and gadgets we’ve come across

by Angelica Leicht

What we’ve learned over the years is that there are a lot of weed accessories and gadgets to choose from — especially if you’re a fan of the flower.

In fact, we see new products roll out onto the shelves on a regular basis. Some of them are awesome, and some of them are, well, not nearly as awesome.
But how can you know which are worth your hard earned cash and which deserve to be left on the shelf? Well, we’re here to help you out.
If you want to indulge and treat yo’self with a new weed gadget or accessory but just don’t know what to buy, consider one of the sweet ass toys below.
They’re some of the coolest products we’ve come across recently, and we think you’ll like what you see.

OTTO Smart Grinder and Rolling Machine

Price: $149.99

Why we love it: We love robots, and they’re especially lovable when they can roll joints for you.

Real talk: We hate rolling joints. In fact, we suck at it. But it doesn’t matter if we suck at it anymore thanks to the OTTO Smart Grinder & Rolling Machine, the pioneer of all-in-one electric smart grinder and joint rolling machines.

This little weed-focused robot is nothing if not awesome. All you have to do is touch a button and OTTO senses what the contents you’ve loaded are and then automatically adjusts to perfectly grind your dry herb.

From there, it transforms your weed into a perfect cone in a matter of seconds. SECONDS!!1!

It’s not just your joint-rolling friend, though. This automatic grinder and joint roller is super easy to travel with, easy to charge via the USB, and it can grind
and pack 20-30 beautiful cones on a single charge.

And, the rad little chamber is clear, so you can watch it as it works on your joints. It’s basically your new joint-rolling best friend … at least until it turns on you
and takes over the universe. As a bonus?

You can even use it to fill your pipe, your bowl, or your stash container for you. How lazy and awesome is that?

SilverStick Filtered One-Hitter

Price: $25 for the slim or large version

Why we love it: It’s a metal one-hitter with a filter. Duh.

If you want to look like the classiest of stoners, or if you want to just make your weed smoking life a little bit easier, you should invest in the SilverStick
Filtered One-Hitter. Every smoker needs a good one-hitter, and they especially need one that’s this useful and this sleek.

If you aren’t familiar with this little gadget, the SilverStick is — you guessed it — a metal one-hitter with a replaceable filter. The metal design is beautiful but simple, and you’ll look and feel fancy while protecting your lungs from embers, tar, gunk, or particles that may sneak through your smoking gadget by accident.

The SilverStick comes in two different sizes: slim or large.

The SilverStick Slim is the compact version of this one-hitter. It comes with a smaller bowl and a slender profile that’s ideal for 2-3 draws.

The SilverStick Large, on the other hand, has a larger bowl and is ideal for 4-6 draws. Your choice!

Both are priced at about $25 — which is a gosh darn steal for a stealthy one-hitter like this.

The Genius One Pipe

Price: Start at $89.95

Why we love it: The name says it all: it’s genius.

The Genius One Pipe may not look like much to the uninitiated, but trust us when we say that this pipe is well deserving of the name. It truly is genius.

The simple exterior case of the Genius One Pipe conceals what may be the most sophisticated little travel pipe on the planet, which is designed to cool the smoke you inhale like a water bong would, but without the need for water.

So, how does it do it? Well, it cools and filters the smoke using a unique air passage design instead. The water-free design makes it easier to travel with, and the cooled smoke is a lot more pleasant on your lungs and throat, too. (No more embarrassing choking for you, dudes!)

But wait! There’s more!

The design doesn’t just cool your weed. It also incorporates a magnetic cover, which keeps your flower locked in — and the smell locked out. That keeps your smoking habits discreet from nosy naysayers … or your weed-hogging friends.

And, it’s great for travel, too.

All you have to do is pack a bowl, stick the Genius One in your pocket, and you’re ready to go with your weed. And it won’t stink up your car, your pocket, or anywhere else you stow it.

It’s also super easy to clean. All you have to do is separate the pipe into three pieces and wipe each part down using 420 Wipes or ISO to get it back to sparkling condition.

In other words, this is the easiest pipe out there to thoroughly disinfect and clean, keeping it free of germs and bacteria, as well as stale odors or foul tastes.
If you’re looking for a stealthy way to smoke, one that still offers you all of the features your big gadgets would offer, this is it.

Tera Dry Herb Vape

Price: $199.99

Why we love it: It’s a flat-out beast.

Good dry herb vapes are hard to come by. If you’re ever purchased a lower-end dry herb vape, you likely know that from personal experience.

The good ones are super expensive, and the bad ones … well, the bad ones aren’t even worth your time. They stink, they emit tiny clouds of vapor, and they’re just a complete waste of time and energy on your part.

But, the Tera Dry Herb Vape is none of those. In fact, this dry herb vape is a beast — and it puts all of the other options on the market to shame.

If you like clouds, you’re going to love this vape, which is more than capable of delivering incredible flavor while still cranking out huge clouds. That old dry herb vape in your nightstand should be ashamed to share a name with it.

Want to know how it works? Well, it does this via a full-convection heating element, which lets you dial in the perfect temperature. After you’ve set it, the hot
air flows into the ceramic and stainless steel chamber, which cranks it up to the optimal temp in about 20-30 seconds.

Oh, and also? This whole process takes place within a fully isolated airway path, which means that you’ll be hitting a vape with clouds that are full of flavor.
That’s not all it does, though. Oh no, that’s not all.

If you aren’t into getting super stoned off a massive bowl, this gadget is also great for micro-dosing. This vape doesn’t “cook” your bud like a pipe would — it just warms it to the optimal temperature — and it cools down between draws, so you can turn it off and pick it back up later without sacrificing efficiency or flavor.

Want to finish a bowl now? Great. Want to set it down and finish later? You can! The Tera Vape will let you! Wait, wait. We’re not done.

The Tera Vape can ALSO be used as a water-pipe adapter, which lets you turn a bong into a filtered vape. You can just pop this thing onto a bong and create a water-filtered dry herb vape.

And, it can also work with concentrates, so you dabbers won’t be left out of the mix with this one.

Freakin’ magic, right? Right.

The one downside to this gadget is that it’s not nearly as small as some of the other top-selling dry herb vapes on the market.

But, don’t let that steer you clear of this awesome vape. It’s still pretty portable, and the battery life is excellent too.

Apothecarry Humidor

Price: Starting at $259

Why we love it: It makes us feel really freakin’ fancy.

If you aren’t using a humidor-esque box to store your nugs, you’re not living your best life. We’re so very serious about this.

And, the only real humidor box you need is the Apothecarry Humidor, which is the most luxurious way to house your weed.

If you haven’t seen one of these cases before, it’s time to feast your eyes upon all it has to offer. From the handcrafted wood box to the functional organizational system housed inside, this thing is tricked the heck out.

Lift the lid and you’ll find four glass jars with humidity control lids and customizable labels, four non-stick silicone-coated containers for dabs and oil, a
removable rolling tray, a zinc alloy grinder, and a side compartment for papers and tools. No more messy stash for you!

But it doesn’t just organize your weed. Oh, no. It does so much more.

It keeps your weed at the right humidity using a Boveda humidity system, which is specifically designed to keep the herb from drying out without risking mold growth, which can happen with regular humidors for cigars.

That doesn’t just keep the nasties off your weed, though. It keeps it tasting and smelling fresh as hell, too.

Wait! Don’t go scrambling to buy it just yet. Let us finish telling you about the features.

So, not only does this organize and humidify your weed at the exact specifications for cannabis, but it also keeps your stuff secure. There’s a locking top and smell-proof features, so no one will smell anything suspicious, nor will they be able to access it if they do.

There are multiple versions of this handmade weed humidor, and each one comes with its own slight tweaks or features. The prices aren’t cheap for any of
Apothecarry’s humidors, but don’t expect to get something this awesome for a bargain and you won’t be disappointed at the price tag.

Smellproof Backpack from Skunk Bags

Price: Starting at $69

Why we love it: It hides the stench of our stinkiest weed, obviously.

Listen. We love smelly bud as much as the next guy or gal, but what we don’t love is the entire car reeking of weed when we’re on road trips or heading out
on some other type of adventure.

But how can you stop that from happening? Stanky weed gon’ stank, right?

Wrong. Not if you have the smelproof backpack from Skunk Bags, it won’t.

Yes, we said Skunk Bags. you may be familiar with their wares, as they are the purveyors of those tiny smell-proof weed bags you love so much.

And now they make backpacks and other bags to help you camouflage the stench of your skunky weed.

Pretty handy, right?


And, they do this by using high tech fabrics and linings in their bags, which were created just for little potheads like you.

To create these bags, Skunk Bags uses activated carbon and a silver antibacterial lining, which neutralizes odors and traps harmful chemicals and gases in its pores. This keeps the stench out of your vehicle, your work space, or anywhere else you may have traveled to with your weed in hand.

But you don’t just get a stench-free travel bag with this thing. You also get added security thanks to a built-in combination lock, which keeps the bag’s zippers shut and prying eyes out.

Add in the other features, like the anti-tear protective netting, waterproof zippers, front and side pockets, and this bag is a winner, winner, pothead dinner.

Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator

Price: $260

Why we love it: There are so many reasons!

We’ve written about the NOVA before, but it’s so worth writing about it again, because this decarboxylator is magic. Sheer magic.
If you want to make edibles, oils, tinctures, or any other type of cannabis product at home, you’re probably going to need to decarboxylate your weed. Doing this makes it active without burning it to a crisp, and it’s required for getting you high.

Prior to the Ardent NOVA, there weren’t too many easy ways to decarb at home. You could bake your weed at a low temp or use some other form of stove-based decarbing to get the job done, but it stunk and wasn’t super effective. Not for us, anyway.

This little gadget made that problem disappear.

All you have to do to decarb your weed in this gadget is load it into the chamber and turn it on. We ain’t kidding. It’s that easy.

Once the light turns from red to green, you’re ready to blow. Or ready to make cannabutter or whatever. We don’t know your business.

But it’s not just easy. It’s also smellfree.

That’s right. No smells. When you decarb weed in this gadget, it traps in the skunky stench that annoys your neighbors and smells up your couch cushions
for years to come.

It basically makes weed biz all play and no work, which is our favorite kind of thing.

GRAV Menorah Bong

Price: $399.99

Why we love it: It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays (and tune out the ones you love).
OK, OK. So it’s not even the holidays, but we have a smoking menorah on the list. Why?

Well, because it’s awesome, that’s why.

If you aren’t a GRAV Labs fan yet, it’s time to become one — and maybe this Menorah Bong will help.

This GRAV Lab Menorah is a limited edition bong featuring eight crazy nights, err, bowls — and it’s a freaking masterpiece of glasswork. When you light it
up, those eight bowls will simultaneously bubble as you pull on the elevated mouthpiece, getting you higher than a mug.

But, not only is it super effective and super cool looking, but it’s also small enough to fit on your desk for all to see. Score!

You’ll want to show this thing off to everyone who enters your humble abode, whether it’s the holidays or some mid-summer night of celebration. And, that’s
OK! There are no “right” seasons to use this bong, friends. Do you, and channel the holidays any time you want by lighting it up.

Rosineer PRESSO Personal Heat Press

Price: $199

Why we love it: Umm, have you tried to make your own concentrates at home without it?

You know what’s pretty freaking impossible? Making your own extracts at home.

Well, it WAS pretty impossible (or pretty dangerous) prior to the introduction of the Rosineer PRESSO Personal Heat Press, anyway.

This machine does just what you think it does: it makes it easy to make your own cannabis extracts from the comfort of your own abode. You just need weed and this machine to do it.

If you want to become the Jedi of extracts, all you need to do is set this snazzy gadget on your countertop and set the temp and time. Once that’s done, you’ll load your weed into the PRESSO, press down, and voila! Your own extracts.

It really is that simple.

Plus, this device comes equipped with two heat-insulated solid aluminum plates and two separate heating elements, which heat up evenly and keep the right temps consistently throughout the process.

And, there’s also a two-channel temperature control so you can program your heat extraction press with your desired temperature separately for each plate. You can even set separate timers for each plate, making it super easy to get the extract job done.

So, yeah. Put away the butane or solvent and use this instead. It’s a lot less combustible and a lot more effective — both of which are very good things.


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