High on Halloweed

by DGO Punstuff

Don’t waste your creativity this October on some boring pirate costume. Get your stoners shizzz together with one of these awesome stoner-themed costumes instead.

Boo, buds, and blunts! It’s that time of year again when the ghouls come out, the pumpkins glow, and your favorite cannabis strains are dressed up in their spookiest terpene profiles. That’s right, it’s Halloween season, and we’ve got a treat that’s sweeter than any candy in your stash – the ultimate guide to the best weed-themed costumes to light up this year’s Halloweed!

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when your love for the green herb collides head-on with your passion for dressing up like a total boss, wonder no more. We’re about to unveil a smoky symphony of costumes that will have you rolling in the aisles — and maybe even rolling something else later on.

So, grab your favorite strain, load up your jack-o’-lantern, and get ready for a Halloween adventure that’s so green, it’ll make the Wicked Witch of the West turn envious. Whether you’re planning to blaze your way through the night or simply want to make a statement about your love for the leaf, our guide to the best weed-themed Halloween costumes is here to elevate your spooky season.

The Budtender: Elevate your style
Dressing up as a budtender is the perfect way to showcase your cannabis knowledge and impeccable fashion sense. Here’s how to create the look:

What you’ll need
– Black or green apron
– A variety of fake cannabis-related products (pre-rolls, vape pens, edibles)
– A name tag with a creative bud-tender name
– A friendly and knowledgeable attitude

Step-by-step guide
Put on your black or green apron, which is a staple for budtenders in dispensaries.

Create a selection of fake cannabis products, like empty pre-roll containers, candy wrappers for edibles, and vape pens with colorful stickers.

Design a name tag with a catchy budtender name, such as “Herb Guru” or “CannaConnoisseur.”

Carry around a notebook with canna-bis strain information and helpful tips to complete the knowledgeable budtender persona.

Dispensary Owner: The ganjapreneur look
Emulate the entrepreneurial spirit of a cannabis dispensary owner with this sophisticated yet laid-back costume:

What you’ll need
– A suit or blazer
– A “Dispensary Owner” sign or badge
– A fake wad of money (for authenticity)
– A briefcase or tote bag filled with fake cannabis-related documents

Step-by-step guide
Dress in a stylish suit or blazer to exude an air of professionalism.

Create a sign or badge that reads “Dispensary Owner” and attach it to
your clothing.

Carry around a fake wad of money to give the impression of success in the cannabis industry.

Complete the look by carrying a briefcase or tote bag filled with fake cannabis-related documents, such as marketing plans and product inventories.

Iconic Stoner Movie Characters: Pay homage
Pay homage to classic stoner movie characters who’ve left an indelible mark on cannabis culture:

The Dude from “The Big Lebowski”

What you’ll need
– A bathrobe
– Sunglasses
– A fake White Russian cocktail
– A rug (to really tie the room together)

Step-by-step guide
Put on a bathrobe, channeling the laid-back style of The Dude.

Wear sunglasses for that mysterious touch.

Carry around a fake White Russian cocktail (remember to abide).

If possible, bring a small rug to tie the room together, just like The Dude’s beloved rug.

Cheech and Chong: Double the fun
What you’ll need
– For Cheech: A red beanie, sunglasses, a mustache
– For Chong: A headband, long wig, and a tie-dye shirt

Step-by-step guide
For Cheech, wear a red beanie, sunglasses, and a fake mustache.

For Chong, don a headband, long wig, and a tie-dye shirt.

Work on your hilarious banter and comedic timing to complete the duo.

Hippie Harvest Goddess: Embrace nature
Channel your inner free spirit with a costume that celebrates cannabis’s natural roots:

What you’ll need
– Flowy, bohemian-style dress
– Flower crown
– Hemp accessories (bracelets, necklace)
– A small decorative hemp plant

Step-by-step guide
Wear a flowy, bohemian-style dress in earthy colors to embody the free-spirited hippie vibe.

Create a flower crown with colorful blooms to symbolize the connection between nature and cannabis.

Accessorize with hemp bracelets, necklaces, or any other hemp-based accessories.

Carry a small decorative hemp plant as a symbol of your love for nature and cannabis.

Cannabis Plant: The ultimate green costume
Become one with the plant by dressing up as a cannabis plant itself:

What you’ll need
– Green morphsuit or green clothing
– Large cannabis leaf cutout or a cannabis leaf costume
– Green face paint
– A pot or planter

Step-by-step guide
Dress in a green morphsuit or green clothing from head to toe.

Accessorize with a large cannabis leaf cutout or a cannabis leaf costume that you can wear like a cape.

Use green face paint to cover any exposed skin for a truly “green” look.

Carry around a pot or planter as your “pot” – a hilarious play on words (obviously).

Mary Jane Watson: A twist on a classic
Put a cannabis twist on a classic comic book character:

What you’ll need
– Red hair wig or dye your hair red
– Spider-Man-themed attire
– A cannabis-themed accessory (cannabis leaf necklace, bracelet, etc.)

Step-by-step guide
Wear a red wig or dye your hair red to match Mary Jane’s iconic look.

Dress in Spider-Man-themed attire, like a shirt with the Spider-Man logo or a red and blue outfit.

Add a cannabis-themed accessory, such as a cannabis leaf necklace or bracelet, to put your unique spin on the character.

DGO October 2023 Page 23 Image 0002Ganja Astronaut: High in space
Take your cannabis-infused Halloween costume to new heights as a ganja astronaut:

What you’ll need
– Silver or white jumpsuit
– Space-themed patches and badges
– An astronaut helmet (or create a DIY one)
– A “cosmic” cannabis accessory (glow-ing cannabis leaf necklace)
Step-by-step guide

Dress in a silver or white jumpsuit to mimic an astronaut’s uniform.

Add space-themed patches and badges to your jumpsuit for authenticity.

Create or acquire an astronaut helmet to complete the look.

Accessorize with a “cosmic” cannabis accessory, like a glowing cannabis leaf necklace, to add a touch of ganja glamour to your space adventure.

Weed Fairy: A magical twist
Embrace the enchanting side of cannabis with a whimsical Weed Fairy costume:

What you’ll need
– A fairy costume with green or cannabis-themed colors
– Fairy wings
– A wand with a cannabis leaf at the tip
– Glitter and face paint for a magical touch

Step-by-step guide
Put on a fairy costume in green or colors reminiscent of cannabis leaves, like shades of green or earthy tones.

Attach fairy wings to your costume to give it a mystical flair.

Create a wand with a cannabis leaf decoration at the tip to represent your magical connection to the plant.

Add some glitter and face paint to your look for an extra touch of fairy magic.

Ganja Chef: Cooking up cannabis
If you have a passion for cooking with cannabis, show it off with a Ganja Chef costume:

What you’ll need
– Chef’s uniform (chef coat and pants)
– A chef’s hat
– A cannabis apron
– Cooking utensils (spatula, ladle)
– A pot or pan with fake cannabisinfused treats

Step-by-step guide
Dress in a traditional chef’s uniform, including a chef coat and pants.

Top it off with a chef’s hat to complete the culinary look.

Wear a cannabis-themed apron to show your love for cooking with cannabis.

Carry cooking utensils like a spatula or ladle as props.

Fill a pot or pan with fake cannabis-infused treats (brownies, cookies) to showcase your culinary skills.

Ganja Garden Gnome: A cannabis oasis
Transform into a whimsical garden gnome tending to your very own cannabis garden:

What you’ll need
– A garden gnome costume or clothing in earthy colors
– A pointed gnome hat
– A fake cannabis plant or leaves
– A small garden shovel or rake

Step-by-step guide
Dress as a garden gnome, either with a full costume or by wearing earthy-colored clothing.

Top it off with a pointed gnome hat to complete the look.

Carry a fake cannabis plant or cannabis leaves to create the illusion of a cannabis garden.

Accessorize with a small garden shovel or rake as if you’re tending to your prized cannabis plants.

Dankenstein’s Monster: A cannabis monster mash
Combine classic horror with canna-bis humor by becoming Dankenstein’s Monster:

What you’ll need
– Torn and tattered clothing (resembling a Frankenstein’s monster)
– Green face paint or body paint
– Fake bolts or wires on your neck
– Cannabis leaf patches or stickers on your clothing

Step-by-step guide
Wear torn and tattered clothing to mimic the look of Frankenstein’s monster.

Apply green face paint or body paint to give your skin a “cannabis-infused” hue.

Attach fake bolts or wires to your neck, giving a nod to the classic monster’s appearance.

Add cannabis leaf patches or stickers to your clothing to make Dankenstein’s Monster a cannabis aficionado.

Hash Slinger: A Wild West cannabis cowboy
Combine the Wild West with cannabis culture as a Hash Slinger cowboy:

What you’ll need
– Cowboy attire (hat, boots, jeans, vest)
– A sheriff’s badge with a cannabis leaf emblem
– A toy revolver or hemp rope lasso
– A bag of “cannabis nuggets” (chocolate truffles or candies)

Step-by-step guide
Dress in classic cowboy attire, including a cowboy hat, boots, jeans, and a vest.

Create a sheriff’s badge with a cannabis leaf emblem to establish your authority in the world of cannabis.

Carry a toy revolver or a hemp rope lasso as props, playing on the cowboy theme.

Bring along a bag of “cannabis nuggets,” which can be chocolate truffles or candies, as your Wild West loot.

Dank Doctor: A prescription for fun
Become a “Dank Doctor” and pre-scribe laughter and good times to fellow partygoers:

What you’ll need
– Lab coat or doctor’s scrubs
– A stethoscope
– A clipboard with a “Cannabis Prescription” label
– Cannabis leaf-printed face mask

Step-by-step guide
Dress in a lab coat or doctor’s scrubs for that professional medical look.

Hang a stethoscope around your neck to give the appearance of a doctor on duty.

Carry a clipboard with a label that reads “Cannabis Prescription” to showcase your specialty.

Wear a cannabis leaf-printed face mask to highlight your affiliation with cannabis culture.

Ganja Wizard: A magical cannabis spellcaster
Cast a spell of joy with a Ganja Wizard costume that combines magic and cannabis:

What you’ll need
– Wizard’s robe and hat
– A wizard’s staff with a cannabis leaf topper
– Glowing, fake cannabis crystals (craft store or online)
– A mystical-looking cannabis potion bottle (filled with non-alcoholic beverage)

Step-by-step guide
– Dress in a wizard’s robe and don a wizard’s hat for that mystical appearance.

– Craft or buy a wizard’s staff and at-tach a cannabis leaf topper for a magical cannabis touch.

– Carry glowing, fake cannabis crystals (available at craft stores or online) for added enchantment.

– Complete the look with a mystical-looking cannabis potion bottle filled with a non-alcoholic beverage.



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