Halloweed horror films

by DGO Staff

Have a weed-filled Netflix and chill night with a little cannabis and a lot of these scary flicks

Picture this: a dark and stormy night, rain tapping on your window like an im-patient jazz drummer, and you, nestled on your couch, eyes wide with a potent mixture of excitement and terror. Your heart races, your popcorn bowl trembles, and your trusty cannabis stash sits by your side like a loyal sidekick in this cinematic adventure.

In the realm where the eerie meets the extraordinary, where the suspense
is so thick you could cut it with a machete (preferably a blood-soaked one), we’re embarking on a quest to uncover the enigmatic connection between your favorite strain and the hair-raising world of horror cinema. It’s a pairing that’s more electric than a lightning bolt in a haunted mansion’s attic, more captivating than a vampire’s hypnotic gaze, and more mind-bending than…well, anything your herb-enhanced imagination can conjure/

Our mission? To guide you through the darkness, providing you with a roadmap for your own chilling adventures in movie-watching while delightfully elevated. Grab your favorite strain, dim the lights, and get ready to explore how the sweet leaf and sinister screams make for a match made in…uh, a smoky graveyard?

So, prepare for jump scares that feel like you’ve been jolted with a thousand volts of electricity, plot twists that’ll have you questioning your own sanity (and the validity of your stash), and monsters so terrifying they’d give even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur the munchies for courage.

Welcome to the world where cannabis and horror films collide – it’s a match made in Halloweed heaven!

Classic Slashers: Michael Myers Meets Purple Haze
When it comes to classic slasher films like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th,” you need a strain that can keep you alert and engaged while intensifying the suspense.

Enter Purple Haze, a Sativa-dominant strain known for its uplifting and creative effects. It will sharpen your senses, making every jump scare and suspenseful moment even more heart-pounding.

Supernatural Thrillers: Paranormal Activity with Ghost Train Haze
Prepare to delve into the eerie world of supernatural thrillers like “The Conjuring” or “Poltergeist” with Ghost Train Haze. This potent sativa strain can enhance your focus and sensory perception, immersing you in the paranormal. As you watch spectral encounters and haunted houses, you’ll feel like you’re right there with the characters, experiencing every spine-tingling moment.

Psychological Horror: Inception with Blue Dream
Movies like “The Shining” and “Silence of the Lambs” delve deep into the psychological horror realm. To fully appreciate the mind-bending twists and turns, reach for Blue Dream. This balanced hybrid induces a dreamy, euphoric state that can heighten your appreciation for intricate plots and character development, allowing you to dissect the psychological intricacies on screen.

Zombie Apocalypse: “Night of the Living Dead” and Sour Diesel
Zombie flicks like “Dawn of the Dead” demand a strain that can keep you alert and ready for the inevitable undead onslaught. Sour Diesel’s energizing effects will keep you on the edge of your seat, making you feel like you’re right in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Get ready for some intense survival thrills!

Sci-Fi Horror: “Alien” and OG Kush
When it’s time for extraterrestrial terrors like “Alien” and “The Thing,” OG Kush is the way to go. This Indica-dominant strain promotes relaxation without the couch-lock effect, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the otherworldly horrors while maintaining a comfortable level of anxiety-free chill.

Found Footage: “The Blair Witch Project” with Trainwreck
Found footage films like “The Blair Witch Project” rely on shaky camcorder shots and a sense of realism to induce fear. Trainwreck, a potent hybrid, can provide a euphoric and creative buzz that allows you to appreciate the documentary-style storytelling while keeping you engaged with the unfolding horrors.

Psychological Thrillers: “Se7en” with Girl Scout Cookies
For mind-bending psychological thrillers like “Se7en” or “Fight Club,” you’ll
want a strain that enhances your analytical thinking without overwhelming you. Girl Scout Cookies, with its balanced hybrid effects, can help you dissect complex plots and character motivations while keeping you relaxed and focused.

Creature Features: “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” and Green Crack
When you’re diving into the depths of creature features, such as “The Crea-
ture from the Black Lagoon” or “Jaws,” Green Crack is the ideal companion. This sativa-dominant strain can help boost your energy and keep you alert as you witness monstrous aquatic terrors lurking beneath the surface.

Body Horror: “The Fly” with White Widow
Body horror films like “The Fly” or “Cronenberg’s Videodrome” often explore gruesome physical transformations. White Widow, a hybrid strain, can provide a calming yet focused experience, allowing you to appreciate the unsettling transformations and grotesque visuals without feeling overwhelmed.

Cult Classics: “The Wicker Man” with Strawberry Cough
Cult classic horror films like “The Wicker Man” or “Rosemary’s Baby” often blend elements of psychological and supernatural horror. Strawberry Cough, known for its sweet, uplifting effects, can put you in the right frame of mind to delve into the eerie world of cults and rituals.

Lovecraftian Horror: “The Call of Cthulhu” and Pineapple Express
When you’re facing cosmic horrors and ancient evils, like in Lovecraftian tales, Pineapple Express can help you maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity amidst the dread. This hybrid strain’s euphoric effects can enhance your appreciation for the unknowable and unimaginable.

Anthology Horror: “Creepshow” with Jack Herer
Anthology horror films like “Creep-show” often feature multiple tales of terror. And, Jack Herer, a sativa strain known for its cerebral effects, can keep you engaged and captivated as you navigate the diverse stories within these cinematic collections.


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