A howling Halloweed

by DGO Staff

Don’t leave your four-legged friends out of the costumed festivities this October

It’s that time of year again when we dust off our costume boxes and prepare for Halloween hijinks. But for cannabis enthusiasts, this season isn’t just about carving pumpkins and munching on candy corn; it’s a time to let our creative spirits soar higher than ever—literally, with the help of our furry, four-legged friends. It’s time for cannabis to meet costumed pets, so the Halloweed vibes can blend seamlessly with the hilarious charm of our awesome animal companions.

In other words, you should let your pets join in the cannabis-themed fun and celebrate the season with a touch of green inspiration. Happy dressing and happy howling, cannabis enthusiasts!

The Ganja-Gathering Garden Gnome
The classic garden gnome gets a whimsical cannabis twist in this costume. Picture your pup sporting a pointy hat adorned with a cannabis leaf and a tiny rake. This enchanting outfit is perfect for a stroll through the fall foliage while sparking conversations and chuckles from onlookers.

The Cannabis Leaf Superhero
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your furry friend, the Cannabis Leaf Superhero! Decked out in a cape with a cannabis leaf emblem, this costume adds a dash of heroic flair to your pet’s character. Your pet will be the savior of good vibes at any Halloween party.

The Chill-Out Chill Pill:
Sometimes, we all need to unwind and relax, and that goes for our pets too. The Chill-Out Chill Pill costume features a playful capsule-shaped outfit with the words “Take a Chill Pill” printed on it. Your pet will remind everyone to embrace relaxation and good times.

The Hippy Hound
Hippies and cannabis have a long history together, and your pet can be part of the counterculture movement with this groovy costume. Think tie-dye patterns, fringe vests, and a flower crown. Peace, love, and paws!

The Joint Jester
For a dose of whimsy, consider the Joint Jester costume. Your pet can become the clown of the cannabis carnival, complete with a jester’s hat and a giant plush joint. It’s a guaranteed recipe for laughter and photo-worthy moments.

The Cannabis Chef
If you’re looking to make your pet a part of the kitchen crew this fall, dress them as the Cannabis Chef. With a miniature chef’s hat, an apron, and a pot of “cannabutter,” your pet will be the star of any culinary gathering.

The Purr-fectly Mellow Catnip Kitty
Let’s not forget our feline friends!
Cats can also join the cannabis-themed costume fun. Dress them as the Purr-fectly Mellow Catnip Kitty, complete with a plush cannabis leaf toy. This costume will make your cat the coolest kitty on the block.

The Weed Wizard
Take your pet on a magical adventure with the Weed Wizard costume. Imagine your furry friend wearing a wizard’s robe and hat adorned with mystical cannabis symbols. It’s the perfect outfit for a night of enchantment under the moonlight.

The High-Roller
Turn your pet into the High-Roller of the cannabis casino with a snazzy tuxedo and a plush joint as an accessory. This costume exudes sophistication and a touch of cannabis-inspired extravagance.

The Ganja Ghost
For a spooky twist on the cannabis theme, consider the Ganja Ghost costume. A ghostly white sheet with a cannabis leaf cutout will add a dash of cannabis charm to your Halloween festivities.


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