Strain review: Sour Maui

by DGO Pufnstuf

This week’s strain, Sour Maui, is a strange bird, and I say that with the utmost weed respect. This strain is a hybrid sativa created by crossing Sour Diesel and Maui Wowie, two powerful (and beloved) strains, but for me, it barely mimicked the effects of either of those strains. It instead led to a whole new… weed world. (So sorry.)

Here’s what happened. I smoked this batch of Sour Maui during the day on Saturday, as recommended by the folks at Good Earth Meds, who said this was a good day strain. Given its lineage and GEM’s warning, I expected to quickly feel like I was in-the-zone, or dying to manically clean the kitchen or something, but alas (and to my delight), that did not happen. What happened instead was that after I inhaled the tropical-tasting smoke a few times – slow and steady wins this race – I sat around and waited for that notch to be cranked to a 10. And waited. And waited some more.

It turns out that I have become so conditioned to racy, dreamy sativas that I thought – after half an hour of no anxious energy surfacing – that maybe I needed to smoke more, as I was clearly not doing SOMETHING right. I packed a second bowl, lit it up, and waited.

Same thing. No crushing rush of energy or creativity to the brain, no sudden urge to summer-clean the closets. Just a bowl of very slow-burning weed (seriously, this stuff burns so slowly) and my regular ol’ brain, left to its own devices.

At first, it felt kind of odd to feel so calm after two bowls of a sativa, to be honest. I couldn’t figure out why, after that much weed, I wasn’t feeling more high. What was up with this strain?

But then it hit me. Prior to smoking, I’d been in lethargic weekend mode, and while I wasn’t feeling the incessant need to cross everything off my to-do list after two bowls of Sour Maui, I was feeling a hell of a lot more like getting off the couch. And that feeling only intensified over the next hour. My brain was clear, I had almost NO body high, and while there was never any big lightning bolt of motivation, there WAS a mellow river of energy that came from it. The effects never got to the point of pushing me into productivity, mind you, but I suppose I could have kicked myself into a higher gear, had I wanted to. I just chose not to, cause…well, Saturday. Screw that shit.

Plus, I had super dry eyes and a deadly case of cottonmouth by the time I finished smoking that second bowl. Who can be productive when they’re SO THIRSTY, and their eyes are the equivalent of when Spongebob gets the suds? Nobody, that’s who. I chose to hang out and bullshit with a friend instead, which worked out quite well when the chatty effects from this strain kicked in. If you smoke this strain, prepare to be one clear-headed Chatty Cathy, you guys.

All in all, this strain surprised me, which was so far from what I expected. I felt like I knew what I was getting into – I know Sour Diesel and Maui Wowie well – but it turns out their child has taken on a life of its own, as kids are wont to do. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

DGO Pufnstuf


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