The Jack White strain is way better than the new album

by DGO Pufnstuf

This week, we’re reviewing Jack White, an original Prohibition strain, which these mad men created by crossing Jack Flash and Casey White. But here’s the thing. I don’t like Jack White*, the musician. His new album is the bane of my existence. Unless it’s Jack White in The Raconteurs, or early era White Stripes, keep it away.

So when I got the email alerting me to the name of this week’s strain, I groaned. Would I like Jack White, the strain, more than I like Jack White, the musician? Or would this strain be too hip for the container? Would it whine-sing pathetically as I popped the lid? Would it try to convince me I’m a sell-out? But, facing my weed fears is part of this job, so off I went.

And while I couldn’t toss aside my Jack White loathing, the genetics of this strain did seem promising. Jack Flash, one of the strain’s parents, is a racy sativa, and is rumored to be part of the legendary Jack Herer gene pool, which meant that unlike the human Jack White, at least half of this strain had street cred.

The first thing I noticed when I ground up a couple of these nugs was how chunky and well-intact the bud stayed. I like to grind before tossing it in my pipe (screw hand-tearing; grinding burns evenly), and all too often the process yields tiny bits of weed that feel more like errant gardening clippings than sweet, sweet weed. Things seemed to be on an upward trajectory.

And they stayed that way. The bud smelled pleasant – like a winter candle – and the effects came on in a flash. No waiting around for a creeper to kick in with this one. About three hits in, things were going strong. The chunky plant matter burned so evenly, and the high was just as even. And, as expected, the energetic, focused effects one expects from Jack Flash carried over into its Casey White-hybrid lovechild, and the high was all focused, happy feelings.

I was left feeling like this strain would be great for a morning pick-me-up, or an afternoon pick-me-up, or an ANYTIME pick-me-up, really. My notes describe it as the weed version of Netflix and chill, which is pretty accurate. To be clear, it’s not a sleepy chill, just an overall “damn I feel so good” chill. The kind where you can either flow it into a good conversation with friends or a Saturday trash TV binge-fest. Ain’t no big thing either way.

There was no major head high, no case of the giggles, and no crash. This is one of those strains that makes you happy. You might even be able to use it in tandem with another strain – an indica-heavy hybrid, perhaps – to counter some of the lethargic effects. I haven’t tried it, but I might. I’ll report back if I do.

This strain would be perfect minus the Jack White, the musician, reminders. Nobody likes “Connected by Love;” nobody likes “Over and Over and Over.” “Seven Nation Army” is a’ight, but this Jack White strain? It’s the best thing he’s ever been associated with.

DGO Pufnstuf*My apologies to die-hard Jack White fans, but your music taste is a little suspect. We still love you, though.


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