To quote one of our favorite stoner movies: “Focus, man!”

by DGO Staff

As we all know, cannabis use has grown in popularity due, in major part, to the fact that it can help to alleviate and treat number of wide range of medical issues and mental health conditions. And, one of the prevailing uses of cannabis has been to help improve concentration and focus. The right cannabis strain can help to knock out the cobwebs from your old noggin and get the brain juices flowing. (In other words, the right weed strain can help you focus, dude.) But the wrong strain can also be a nightmare, taking you past the stop for concentration and into either sleepy, super stoned, or overstimulated territory. In some cases, that’s due to user error—a little bit of cannabis can go a long way, after all. In others, it can be caused by the unpredictable results of varying strains of cannabis.

And, it could also be due to the way cannabis strains affect different individuals. As with any other cannabis use, finding the right fit for focus can be trial and error. Some users swear by sativa strains for increasing their focus, while others prefer using indica strains to help them concentrate. Some boast the efficacy of high THC content, while others stick to higher CBD.

This “your mileage may vary” mindset can put a big damper on your search for the right strain to help with focus and concentration. After all, nobody wants to light up a bowl to help them focus, only to be left feeling frustrated and unsure of the results. That’s the complete opposite of the goal we’re aiming for here.
Luckily, you don’t have to test things out blindly. If you are searching for the best result for you, the strain suggestions listed below may help. Whether you’re looking for a sativa, indica, hybrid, high THC content, or low THC, this guide will break down popular focus-inducing strains and help you determine which one may help a brotha (or sista) out with their brain power. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Sativa strains that can help with focus and concentration

Green Crack

This is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s great for those who are seeking a stimulating high without being left jittery. Green Crack has a high THC content, at an average of 17 percent, and has very little CBD, typically under 1 percent.

Green Crack is great for those who are struggling with focus due to anxiety, depression, stress, or fatigue. The high THC content will invigorate your mind, allowing for more free creativity. This same variable, however, can also lead to increased anxiety and paranoia in some users, especially in novices.
If you are looking for help focusing, and are experienced in cannabis use, this may be the strain for you.

Sour Diesel

With a THC content of 24% and only 1% CBD content, Sour Diesel is extremely potent. The high cerebral buzz from this strain will grant users a boost of energy and motivation. If the task at hand felt difficult and uninteresting before, Sour Diesel may be just the kick you need to reinvigorate your interest.

In addition to its strength, Sour Diesel boasts long-lasting effects. This will allow you to make it through all your work without the ups and downs that come with having to dose again and again. This way, you will feel motivated all day long and be left feeling proud of your productive day.

Just like any other high THC strain, beginners should beware. Anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia are common side effects and can be avoided by experienced users by sticking with lower doses.


Harlequin is a great option for those looking for a high CBD content, while still getting that dose of THC. With 10 percent CBD and only 7 percent THC content, Harlequin won’t give a strong psychoactive high. Instead, this strain has been described to give users feelings of uplifting happiness.

Since Harlequin is sativa-dominant, it won’t give you that heavy body high that will stick you to the couch. Instead, using this strain can give motivation and increase creativity. This, combined with its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, makes it a fan favorite for increasing focus and productivity.

While the THC content is low, there is still enough of it to give the common side effects of paranoia and dizziness. However, harlequin can still be a great option for beginners who are still experimenting with the right THC and CBD content for them.

Hybrids strains that can help with focus and concentration


This hybrid leans on the side of a sativa. It is very potent, with THC content at around 24 percent and CBD at 1 percent. This strain will give a boost of mental clarity very quickly, which allows an instant increase in creativity and motivation. It allows a fresh perspective on tasks and will give that boost needed to complete difficult jobs.

Cinex is a popular strain for the early morning kick, which is great for when coffee just isn’t going the extra mile. Similarly, this hybrid is perfect for that afternoon slump and will give the boost you need to finish your day.

Just like other high THC strains, novice cannabis users should be wary of Cinex. While low doses can relieve anxiety, one hit too many can potentially send you into jittery paranoia.


This is another hybrid but this time leaning towards indica. It is another high THC strain, at 14 percent THC and 1 percent CBD. If you are struggling with focus due to high stress and a highstrung nature, this may be the strain for you. Zkuittlez will take your thinking deeper while relaxing your body for a contented experience.

The high for this strain develops quickly and intensely, but the effects adjust as you go. At first, the world around you will come into sharp clarity that may be overwhelming but will soon fade to strong focus and high energy. This is the time to get started on those tasks you need to focus on. However, once the final stage of the Zkittlez experience sets in, you may be more willing to get comfortable on the couch than work on achieving anything. Different people will reach this point at different stages, so this may be a strain to try out when you don’t need to be extremely productive.

Because of its calming nature, Zkittlez may put you to sleep if you aren’t used to it or its high THC in many strains, including Lemon G, Purple Hindu Kush, and Cinex.


Pinene can be referred to as Alpha or Beta pinene. They have a fresh, earthy, and piney smell and flavor. Strains containing pinene are great for those wishing to increase alertness and attention. A 2017 study has also noted increased memory function in mice, which could potentially lead to pinene being used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Common strains containing Pinene are Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, and Mango Haze.


Commonly found in hops, humulene has a woody, spicy, and earthy flavor profile. A great benefit to humulene over other common cannabis terpenes is that it is an anorectic, meaning that it suppresses appetite. This can be great for cannabis users who are looking to avoid the “munchies.” Some strains that contain humulene are Thin Mint GSC, White Widow, and Pink Kush.


With a floral aromatic profile and slightly spicy flavor, linalool is another common cannabis terpene.Also found in lavender, it’s no surprise that linalool is a highly effective sedative and can be used to reduce anxiety and decrease chronic pain. If you are looking for linalool, start with strains like OG Shark. Amnesia Haze, and Special Kush.


As can be implied by the name, Eucalyptol is the terpene commonly associated with eucalyptus. It is described to have a minty, cool, and fresh smell and flavor. Eucalyptol strains are unique in that when they are inhaled, they can potentially assist in opening the airway and reducing inflammation in the sinuses.

This makes them a great option for use during sinus infections or colds. If you want to give it a try, start with strains like Silver Haze, Dutch Treat, and London Pound Cake.


Similar to chamomile tea, bisabolol has a sweet, flowery scent and flavor. Like a warm cup of tea or a glass of wine, using strains containing bisabolol is a great way to wind down at the end of a long day. Bisabolol can reduce anxiety, relieve headaches, or lull you into a gentle relaxed sleep. Some strains containing bisabolol are Headband, Chocolate Thai, and Grape Pie.


Described as spicy and peppery, Caryophyllene packs a strong punch for users looking for a contrast to the softer floral types. While caryophyllene has similar effects to other terpenes, such as reduced anxiety and strong pain control, it has also been shown to have promising effects on combating alcohol withdrawal. A 2019 study showed a reduction in alcohol consumption by alcohol-dependent mice when given doses of caryophyllene. Strains containing caryophyllene are Bubba Kush, Chemdog, and Death Star.


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