Weed review: Awaken CBD lube from Foria

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

If there was ever any doubt in your mind about cannabis and sex mixing, please delete that uncertainty from your brain. Thanks in part to Foria, a cannabis company out of California, the two most certainly go hand in hand.

Foria is best known for Pleasure, their THC-based arousal lube for women, but the company actually offers a ton of sexual health products, from suppositories for menstrual cramps to wellness tonics, like the one we reviewed a few weeks ago. Anyway, their sex products have been making headlines for a while now, and we were curious as to whether all the rave lube reviews were true, so we decided to give Awaken, their CBD lube, a ride around the ol’ proverbial block.

According to its website, Awaken is the first intimate massage oil for women made with broad-spectrum CBD, kava kava extract, and botanical and aromatic oils. It’s a lube meant to enhance sensations and pleasure while decreasing the tension, discomfort, and dryness women sometimes experience during sex.

Awaken is an amalgam of eight plant-based aphrodisiacs, and, well, that’s it. It’s a mix of broad-spectrum CBD from hemp that’s organically-grown in the USA, along with liquid coconut oil, organic whole-plant extracts, organic cardamom, peppermint, vanilla, and cacao oils.

There are 30-50 “servings” per bottle – you spray them on your junk liberally, hence the “servings” tag – and the product is THC-free, so unlike the Pleasure lube, it’s great for those of you looking to avoid THC in yo’ mouth or junk while bumpin’ uglies. (Although…you know. Why would you want to do that? Different strokes, we guess.)

On top of all that, Awaken is edible, vegan, and gluten-free. Foria recommends a serving size of four-plus sprays that you apply directly to your lady parts…or your lady’s lady parts. The one downside? The coconut oil means that Awaken is not safe to use with latex condoms.

We always get to review the good stuff, though, so instead of hogging this product for ourselves, we decided to be Good Samaritans and share Awaken with a friend. Here’s her take on it.

On the smell:“It definitely has an essential-oil smell about it, which is super refreshing. I looked at the ingredients too, just to make sure it’s not like bad stuff for the secret places of wonderland. I can definitely smell the mint and cacao and cacao after-smell.”

On the texture:“It’s not gross and sticky with that jelly feel of regular lube. It doesn’t have a nasty after-feel either. It’s not messy at all. It drys pretty quick and it has a nice spritzer. Leaves a smell but very subtle, but drys quick. Doesn’t goop all over the place.”

On the use:“I would say it was relaxing, and knowing it’s not a shitty product makes it more calming. It has a spritzer like any other spray bottle. It was definitely runnier but not messy. It drys quick but in a hydrating way. I will say I washed my hands and can still smell the mint they have in it, but its super subtle. It says the suggested serving is four-plus sprays – I did one and it felt like that was plenty.”

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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