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Edibles: Porch-drinkin’ with Keef Life cannabis-infused beverages

Who says smoking or eating your weed is the best way to go about consuming it? This year, cannabis companies like Oh Hi and Ceria Brewing have challenged that idea by introducing their own THC-infused drinks – sparkling seltzer and beer, respectively.

Most recently, our friends at Keef, a cannabis company based in...

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Strain review: Wana Rose Gold disposable vape

Before we get started with this bonus review, I want to give a little nod to the super friendly budtender at Durango Organics who helped us last time we were in there. She’s the reason you’re getting this extra content – this particular vape was her suggestion – so yeah. Thanks, new buddy!

Anyway, let’s crack it open,...

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Got questions about weed? These CO nurses now have a marijuana hotline

Asking questions about cannabis can be intimidating. Even if you consider yourself a moderate level weed connoisseur, things, like going into a dispensary and asking people questions, can be intimidating. Combine cannabis confusion with any medical questions you might have and you have a recipe for mass mental chaos....

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No dispensary’s bear-proof dumpster is going to outsmart this night prowler

Humans aren’t the only ones that can’t resist the sweet, sweet odor of weed.

A bear that regularly prowls through Lyons, Colo. is a regular visitor of The Bud Depot, but not as a customer to the dispensary in northern Colorado. Cheeseburger, as the cannabis shop employees affectionately call him, is after the...

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Edible review: Jade & Jane’s Cupcakes

Cupcakes are delicious. Those tiny cakes are basically the epitome of all that is good in this world: sugar. There’s copious amounts of sugar in the frosting, copious amounts of sugar in the cake itself, and once you eat them, there’s copious amounts of sugar in your body. And you know what makes that sugar, glorious sugar,...

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Strain review: Sour Samoa shatter

The other day I ended up being super stoned at dinner, which was badass because I was high as a kite, but also slightly embarrassing when my limbs and lips stopped working. The reason I was so stoned was because I’d decided to indulge in a little Sour Samoa shatter from The Green House prior to sitting down at the table, and,...

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Weed decriminalized in the great state of Hawaii

Marijuana has made yet another leap forward in the fight for cannabis.

This week, America’s own island paradise, Hawaii, was the 26th state to decriminalize the plant, according to Vox. It’s not legalization, but, hey. It’s a step in the right direction.

According to Vox, the law eliminates going to jail as...

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Edibles review: Infusiasm 200mg CBD/10mg THC tincture

To say that there’s been interest in CBD lately would be to make the world’s biggest understatement. CBD oil and tinctures are freaking everywhere, from being pushed by MLMs on Facebook to the aisles of Walgreens. Still, while there may be a crushing market for CBD, not all products are created equal. Some of the CBD products...

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Strain review: Afghan Ghost

You should probably not watch the haunted car episode of “Paranormal Survivor” while stoned, cause it will lead you to think that Mötley Crüe’s frontman is possessing a badass red IROC-Z and you will end up laughing uncontrollably at someone’s ghostly Camaro pain.

You’ve probably gathered that this is a scenario that...

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A song of glass and fire: The quirky creations by Slugworth Glass are selling out across the country

There’s a fire in Morgan Virag’s shop, but after nearly 10 years of making glassware, it’s one he has under masterful control.

There’s a cautious dance of flame, molten glass, and Virag’s quick working hands over a large machine spewing fire. He chats with casual ease, not missing a beat, while expertly twisting and...

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Strain review: Cheese Train Haze

Have you ever smoked a bowl with a friend and looked over at them and noticed that they had that look on their face, the one where it’s like, “I’m stooooooooooooned,” and their entire face seems to be melting? And then you feel your own face melt, probably in part because seeing their melting face set you off? Yeah, that...

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Edibles review: Newt Bros Truffles

I do not have the best relationship with edibles. It’s not their fault, mind you – it’s mine. I’m terrified that I’ll eat an edible and end up with my arms becoming useless floppy noodles that won’t even grab a cupcake to satiate the munchies. It’s happened before, clearly.

Given that I become a numb-limbed Gumby-human...

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