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Strain review: Cookies and Cream

Hey! Guess what. We’re back with a review of another of Prohibition’s badass premium strains, and you should be stoked cause this is a good one.

This week, we’re going to be chatting with you about Cookies and Cream, a strain of weed that smells and tastes like vanilla. And that alone, my friends, is baller af. But...

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Strain review: Granola Funk

It was probably not the best idea to smoke Granola Funk, one of the strains from Prohibition’s new premium line, at 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday night. But, for the sake of making deadline, I did it. I did it just for you guys. And now I am tired as f@!k and wanting to die. I blame you.

So, we’re on a perpetually short...

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Strain review: Pachamama Caviar

Let me tell you a true story about some weed.

So, over the weekend, I got a text from a good friend of mine that said, “What the hell did we smoke last night? Was it the 50 percent stuff? Indica?”

My response, verbatim: “Yep, it was that 50 percent weed. It’s a sativa hybrid so it’ll have some properties of an...

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Strain review: OG Sin

Awww, yeah. It’s week two of smoking and reviewing some fine, premium herb from Prohibition. We’ve been (mostly) good this year, and the weed gods are shining their skunky light down on us, so for that, we are Tiny Tim thankful.

Last week, we got our hands on some Cherry Diesel, one of the new strains that’s part of the...

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Shop local for the potheads in your life

Listen. All of us have friends (or, ahem, siblings) who are ganja-lovin’ fools. All they want to talk about is weed, their bong, or some new gadget they got to help them imbibe on said weed (ahem, us). Those friends or family are not going to be satisfied with your crappy present, be it Cards Against Humanity or a bottle of...

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Strain review: Greendot and Javelina vape cartridges

So, we have a vape cartridge showdown for you this week. We’re going to be looking at – and trying out, of course – the Javelina Refined Distillate Cartridge and the Greendot Labs Full Spectrum Extract Pen. Both are available at Chronic Therapy in Cortez, and both fit your standard battery. Both will get you high as a...

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Strain review: Lemon Slazerbeam Bubble Hash and Headwreck

Combos are great. Just think about it. There are all kinds of terrific combos: chocolate and vanilla; peanut butter and jelly; whatever they referenced in that “we go together” song from “Grease.” A mash-up of two complementing items makes life better.

And, you know, that goes for weed, too. There are tons of...

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The decline in medical marijuana: As the rest of the nation goes medically green, Colorado’s dispensaries are taking a turn toward recreational cannabis

There are no medical marijuana dispensaries in Pagosa Springs, a town that has four recreational dispensaries. The last option shuttered its medical side of the dispensary earlier this year, leaving medical patients in Pagosa, about 60 miles from Durango, with two choices: they can buy products from the recreational side of a...

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Strain review: Cherry Diesel

So, apparently Prohibition Herb is about to pull out the big guns. And by that I mean their new premium line, which was made available in the dispensary last week.

We got our hands on some of the Cherry Diesel, which is one of the new strains that will be part of that premium line. Cherry Diesel is a sativa hybrid with...

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Weed review: Pax Era and Harmony pods

I have spent my morning playing vape-related games on an app instead of working. I suppose if I wanted to, I could justify my serious bout of dicking around by saying it’s technically for work, because the games are on the Pax Era app that goes with their Pax Era vape, which is quite possibly the most sophisticated vape I...

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Strain review: Cookies and Cream

Dudes, I really love Girl Scout Cookies, both the strain and the actual cookies. Getting stoned is my favorite time of the day, and Girl Scout cookie time is my favorite time of the year. Thin mints for the win! Anyway, that’s how I knew I would probably like Cookies and Cream, the strain we were reviewing this week from...

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Concentrate review: Bubba Babies wax turned me into Patrick Star

Well, friends. Pagosa Therapeutics is back to trying to off me with weed. Or, more specifically, with concentrate.

This week, they sent over a little thing called Bubba Babies PHO Wax, and I would like to tell you how the review of this stuff went, but I don’t remember that much. My notes are a mish-mash of nonsense,...

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Concentrate review: THC-A Crystalline is pure hash and purely badass

“How would you like some high quality cocaine?” the budtender asked, laughing as he handed me the tiny container of Harmony Extracts THC-A Crystalline.

“Holy crap. It does look like cocaine,” I said, trying to hide my nerves under a thick layer of false bravado. “I’m excited to try it.”

We’re friends, so I’m not...

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