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The 1960s come around again, and Leary’s advice is relevant

American culture cycles and recycles; musical sensibilities, trends in clothes, cars and even haircuts all have their time on the popular stage – all the rage one season, anathema the next, but, hold on to your stuff; the time will come when you (or maybe your kids, someday) will discover things anew and that sparkle will...

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Netflix & Chill: 420 Edition – ‘Half Baked’

“Half Baked” is the quintessential stoner comedy, the king of kings – so it seems only noble and natural to recommend it for 4/20 next week.

The story begins with four best buds (pun intended) who begin smoking at a young age. When they mature into adults, not much has changed: they’re roommates inhabiting a colorful,...

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Highdeas: What should you do on 4/20?

Several Durango dispensaries are having holiday specials!

Durango Greenery: Celebrating early on Saturday, 4/16 with specials, drawings and free pizza.

Sante Durango: On 4/20, the shop has a spinning wheel with prizes (you could win a gift basket, vaporizer, T-shirts, or discount toward your purchases). Also...

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Netflix and Chill: 420 Edition – What to keep in mind while watching high

Some movies pair well with weed, while others suck regardless of how high you are. Comedies, in particular, seem uniquely suited to marijuana consumption; the good ones are funny sober, but even better high. The bad ones are slightly cleverer after you’ve imbibed. And the “stoner comedy” is the industry’s sole...

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Weed review: Ectocooler

What is it?

It’s definitely not the Ghostbusters-inspired fluorescent green Hi-C drink from the ’80s. Our Ectocooler is a wonderfully relaxing 27.6 percent THC indica-dominant variety that’s the result of crossing a male Gorilla Biscuit strain with a female Ae77 California Orange strain. It has all the potent lime...

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Altered states and consciousness: We’ve been doing it forever

Consciousness: the reason Descartes climbed in the oven; from the Latin scire, meaning “to know,” Webster’s medical dictionary defines it as “the totality in psychology of sensations, perceptions, ideas, attitudes, and feelings of which an individual or a group is aware at any given time or within a given time span.”...

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Explore mind-expanding, soul-tickling aspects of cannabis

“When the state sends us to prison for, essentially, exploring our own consciousness, it’s a grotesque abuse of human rights.”

— Graham Hancock, author

What are we, homo sapiens? Just another mammal species, perhaps; milk-making, lightly covered with hair, mostly built of water, a group of chemical...

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Strain review: Red Headed Stranger

What is it?

Obviously, this insanely strong sativa is named after our old pot smoking buddy Willie Nelson’s 1975 album, but there’s nothing old school about it. It’s a cross between famous breeder Tom Hill’s Haze and Williams Wonder. The Wonder is full of Afghani indica, but our pheno of Red Headed Stranger smoked very...

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Netflix & Chill: 420 Edition - ‘My Neighbor Totoro’

Japanese master animator Hayao Miyazaki has shaped dozens of gorgeous films under his production company Studio Ghibli, and all of them can be ecstatically savored under the influence of marijuana. The projects are each rife with fantasy, spooks, mythical forest creatures and strong young heroines. If you enjoy a complex epic...

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Netflix and Chill: 420 Edition - ‘Shrek 2’

“Shrek” (2001) was irreverent, clever and chock-full of pop culture references. But “Shrek 2” (2004) is the rare sequel that might be even better than its predecessor. This follow-up challenges the bonds established between characters in the first film, and more potently mocks the sanctity of fairy tales. If you want to get...

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Are you a doobie downer? Here’s how to roll a joint like a pro

Breaking Weed News!!!

Shout outs to the Supreme Court of the United States for refusing to hear Nebraska and Oklahoma’s case against Colorado’s legalization of cannabis. Another step, another step ...

Now, to the business at hand. There are a lot of ways to get high: bowls, bongs, blunts, vaporizers, rigs, apples,...

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Weed review: Sour Tangie

What is it?

As you can probably guess, Sour Tangie is the 80 percent sativa offspring of East Coast Sour Diesel and Crockets multi-award-winning Tangie. There are two dominant phenotypes in the U.S. that individually express the best qualities of each parent. The one whose traits lean toward the Tangie parent is not...

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