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Strain of the week: Kosher Kush

What is it?

This is my favorite strain, so I’m excited to finally review some, grown perfectly in Durango by Wildcat Cannabis. She was created by L.A.-based Jewish growers and renamed by DNA genetics to honor their heritage. They kept its genetics unknown, but its awards are legendary, earning the Kosher multiple...

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Netflix and Chill - 420 Edition: ‘Planet Earth’

There are some things that go together perfectly. Bacon and eggs. Simon and Garfunkel. Brad and Angelina. Getting high and watching nature documentaries.

You might think they’re dull; there’s no plot, characters or dialogue. It’s just ... nature. How wrong you are. BBC’s “Planet Earth” is no mere nature doc; it’s an...

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Weed review: Keef Cola Root Beer

What is It?

Kief or Keef is an Arabic word meaning “pleasure or intoxication.” It’s also the bulbous end of the trichome, the part of the marijuana plant where all the THC and other cannabinoids are stored. Kief as a slang lets you know you’re getting the powdery crystal trichomes that make this root beer the 2015 High...

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Seeing Through the Smoke: If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow cannabis

Cannabis and tomatoes have quite a few similarities, like sisters might. They have been developed by people to create a great number of sub-types suitable for a wide variety of purposes. With tomatoes, you might grow one variety for sauce, one for slicing onto sandwiches and a third variety could be those little cherry...

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High-ass recipe: Coconut chocolate banana bread

All trying-and-failing banana eaters have one thing in common: Bananas that get too nasty, mushy and brown before you’ve had a chance to eat them. So, not to waste them, you throw them in the freezer for the day you tell yourself you’re going to make banana bread. And then before you know it, there are 29 bananas in your...

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High-ass recipe: Toasted ’taters and onions

What’s one of the most crucial aspects of a high-ass recipe? Completely avoiding being in public. You just said a 12-word sentence backwards so I’m pretty sure you’re not cool to go to the grocery store. Do you have potatoes? Then guess what? You can make this delectable high-ass recipe totally in the private weird of your...

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Strain of the week: Deadhead OG

What is it?

This beautiful 60/40 sativa-leaning hybrid wasn’t cooked up by Jerry Garcia, but the Deadhead and the OG (Ocean Grown) monikers tell you it’s a California dreamer. Bred by Cali Connection in 2011, she’s the daughter of a Chemdawg 91 mom and an SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG Kush F-4 daddy.


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Seeing Through the Smoke

When your significant other or sister or roommate (or mom or grandma) confronts you and asks, “Why does my hair smell like popcorn and kush?!?” you’re going to look her straight in the eye and say, “I’m sorry. It’s called rosin. I’ll buy you another straightening iron.” Then, leave and go buy her another straightening iron....

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Strain of the Week: Cantaloupe Haze

What is it?

This almost-pure sativa is a cross between a Landrace variety found in Michoacan, Mexico, and Haze Brother’s haze. Its award-winning genetics are rich in Equatorial Sativas, including verities from Colombia, Thailand and India. Because Cantaloupe Haze is extremely quick to flower for a sativa, it has been...

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High-ass recipes: Baked Baked Potatoes

A friend once likened oatmeal to a canvas, merely a backdrop to what you choose to color it with. Baked potatoes are the same, with as many combinations as there are colors in the spectrum (and depending on how high your ass is, there just might be more colors available, as far as you know).

To me, every baked potato...

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Seeing Through the Smoke: Hashy holidays

Whether your leanings tend toward Scrooge’s “Bah, humbug” or the ensemble of misfit toys’ sentiment that the Christmas season is “the most wonderful time of the year,” it is impossible to ignore the feeling connected with the stretch of time accompanying the calendar year’s wind-down. There is a distinct vibration associated...

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High-ass recipes: BBQ bacon and onion cheese enchiladas

The writer Flannery O’Connor said that endings to stories should always be “surprising yet inevitable.” That is, the story could end in no other way, and yet, somehow it catches the reader off guard. That’s what the prototypical high-ass recipe is all about: Foods that were made to be combined and yet, largely haven’t been....

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